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Weight Loss Day 81, Juice Fasting Phase II, Day 2

by Valik Rudd


Another day in the Juice Fasting, weight loss, thing… Lots of juice, lots of water, that is about it. I tried adding some arugula to the green lemonade today just to see how it tastes and it wasn’t bad. I wouldn’t do it again, simply because there was no reason too, it is a leafy green, it does not really add any significant flavor or take away any, so we’ll just stick to kale.

So my day began with 32 ounces of water, then I had the lemon ginger blast and then I had green lemonade twice and finished the day off with a carrot banana juice. Oh yeah, and Jenni and I watched Bizare Foods while sipping on some herbal oregano tea with a little honey. We have not seen any of the last season and this season episodes so that’s fun to catch up on.

That’s about it for today. Success for day 2, only 18 days left, lol.

Chat tomorrow.

~ Valik


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