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Weight Loss Day 82, Juice Fasting Phase II, Day 3

by Valik Rudd


Stress sure does not help with the food cravings. It’s been sort of a hard day, was craving bread and just food in general. I don’t remember if that is how it was the first time around but I know this is suppose to go away within a few days.

I did lose 6 pounds from the start of Phase II of the juice fasting already, so that is pretty nice! Our regular juices are doing very good too… the Lemon Ginger Blast is still awesome and I am pretty sure it will continue to be our #1 juice for a long time.

The Green Lemonade is also very good still and it will continue to be our main juice of the day, as we have it twice. For dinner though, I still experiment with others. Yesterday I tried a carrot banana juice and it was very good, so today we had the same but I used 3 bananas instead of 2, this gave it a bit more creaminess.

A mug of tea with honey finished off the day and we are out of honey so gotta go out and get some more.

That’s all for today. Chat tomorrow.

~ Valik


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