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Weight Loss Day 83 – Juice Fast Phase II Day 4 – Smile Juice

by Valik Rudd


For my evening desert snack, I made a Smile juice. This is something I came up with all by my self, without any help at all. I think I will add it to my favorite juices list.

Today was just another day in the juice land, running a little behind though but still juicing right along. In the morning I had to take our daughter to the dentist and so running late, rushing through, I did not have time to have my juice so only after we got back I was able to have my morning, Lemon Ginger Blast.

Later in the day I had 2 Green Lemonades and I finished off the day with a Smile juice. Yeah, a Smile juice, you take 2 Mandarines, or 2 Oranges, 1 Apple and 1 Banana (get it? Oranges are eyes, Apple is the nose and the banana is the smile, lol). Juice the mandarines and apple and add it into the blender with some crushed ice and the banana and whip it up into a nice slushie. Tastes really good!!

That’s about it for today.

Chat tomorrow.

~ Valik


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