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Day 85: Juice Fast To Lose Weight – Before & After Pictures – My Stats

by Valik Rudd


So I have started my second juice fast to lose weight, it’s been 6 days now and have lost 9 pounds so far which makes the total now a whopping 51 pounds! I just happen to have a 50 pound bag of cement in the garage so I picked it up to see how much that weighs and was floored! You don’t realize how much is 50 pounds until it is no longer attached to you.

Take a look at my before and after pictures below:

Let’s take a look at my results

Date: 12/3/2011
Weight: 227lb
BP: 128/76
Chest: 42 1/2″
Belly: 43″
Pants: 40″
Real Age: 33
Feels Like Age: 42

Crazy, right? 50 pound bag of cement really puts it in perspective. I still can not believe I used to carry that around. I don’t really feel any lighter to tell you the truth but holding that bag did feel a lot heavier.

Ok, chat later my friend.

~ Valik


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