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Weight Loss Day 86 – Juice Fast Phase II Day 7 – New Size 36 Jeans!

by Valik Rudd


I’ve never bought size 36 jeans as far as I can remember. When I started buying my own clothes, the smallest size that I remember buying was 38. When I tried them on, I couldn’t believe that I fit into them. What an encouragement!

Sundays, being hard days for my juice fast, are the days that I struggle through every time. Today, I was craving all kinds of foods, but at lunch I snuck in about a cup of salad. Then at dinned I did it again and I also had a bit of borscht that Jenni cooked. It’s ok, it was all vegetables, I tell my self.

I wanted to try on some jeans to see what sizes I would fit into now, as the jeans I have now are beginning to look ridiculously huge on me. I started by trying on some size 40’s and those were huge still so I went down to 38. The size 38 was very good and looked normal on me, a little baggy but good. Then, pushing it a bit, is what I thought anyway, I tried on size 36, just to see how long I have until I fit into them and to my surprise, they slid right on and I fit! Wow, and they looked really good to. I bought them and wore them out of the store. Now I have another problem… All my shirts are huge too and with those jeans they all look horrible. I may need to get me some shirts to go with these.

I don’t want to go out and buy too much new clothes yet because I am not done yet. I still have about 1/3 of the way to go and that will probably mean the clothes I buy now will be big on me then so.. I am trying to push it as ling as I can to have to buy new clothes.

Here is a picture of me in the new jeans:

Ok, that is all I got for today, see you tomorrow.

~ Valik


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