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Weight Loss Day 88 – Juice Fasting Day 9: How I Exercise

by Valik Rudd


Today, I wanted to show you how I exercise. If you watched the video above you will see how I use my computer as my TV and do the cardio exercises right in front of my desk.

Because today was just another day of the same juices, I did not want to bore you with the same all so I decided to splice in a video I shot a few days ago showing how I do my exercises. But just to record it here, I had a Lemon Ginger Blast for breakfast, then a Green Lemonade for brunch and a green lemonade for lunch. For dinner I had some salad. That was my eating day, I also had some tea with honey at night before going to bed.

To go over the exercise stuff, let me just summarize the video here if you have not seen it. Usually after the 11 o’click brunch juice I do my cardio exercises around noon. I have the calorie burning cardio exercises videos I bought on my computer. I paid something like $3.00 for the pack of 3 videos. One is a 10 minute exercise that is a light exercise, another 10 minute one that is a bit harder and a 30 minute one that is pretty hard. Not that they are super intense as you would see some other ones like P90X or anything, just 3 levels of exercises basically.

I interchange between them throughout the week, sometimes I’ll do the 2 10 minute videos and then do jumping jacks, sit-ups and push-ups, another day I would do the 30 minute video. Some days I will just repeat the one 10 minute video 3 times for a 30-minute workout.

That is about all I got for today.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Chat tomorrow.

~ Valik


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