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Weight Loss Day 91 – Juice Fasting Day 12: Strawberry Lemonade

by Valik Rudd


To give it a little variety this morning, I made a Strawberry Lemonade instead of my regular Lemon Ginger Blast. It came out beautifully and awesome tasting! I will be having this one again soon.

After having the awesome Strawberry Lemonade in the morning, I had the Green Lemonade times two and then had some Borscht for dinner. We had friends, Vlad, Anna and their kids come over and we hang out, also watched a movie. Being on a juice fast, it is no fun to get together because you can’t have food, which ties the whole gathering together. Trying to think of something, I came up with a raw snack we can all have.

Anna, being on a juice fast too, could appreciate a raw snack just like I did so here I went. I sliced up some bananas and apples and laid them out on a plate. Took some honey, about 2 heaping table spoons and then a table spoon of lemon juice and a little vanilla extract. warmed it up a little to get the honey to thin out a bit and mixed it all together very well. This honey syrup then went on top of the fruits.

To add a bit more fun to this snack I ground up some sunflower seeds in the food processor until it all became a powder. This topping then went over the syrup on the fruits. This was a really good raw snack that everyone enjoyed. Try it some time, but not when you are on a hard core juice fast. I am on a relaxed version right now so that is why I could have this. Hey, as long as I am losing pounds, I’m a happy camper.

Until tomorrow!

~ Valik


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