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Weight Loss Day 92 – Juice Fasting Day 13: EPIC FAIL Day!

by Valik Rudd


Yes, I said it, EPIC FAIL, and I hate the word “Epic” as everybody uses it in places where it ought not be used, but in my case, it really applies. Having BBQ Pork on a juice fast qualifies as an EPIC FAIL!

So after a nice Strawberry Lemonade in the morning, starting the day out very nicely, we headed out to Spirit Lake, Idaho to pick up some cedar boards for the sauna I am building. I rented a u-Haul flat bed trailer and headed out. The weather was cold but sunny. Getting there was good and as we got on to the guy’s property the road conditions changed quickly.

This is in the hills, forest, middle of nowhere. As we went up the hill, or I should say, the mountain, the road became snowy and then icy. It was ok as the road was going up but it was level enough that the climb was ok, until we got to a spot where there was a curve and a steeper hill to get over.

As the SUV climbed up the hill I felt the wheels start slipping so I slowed down and then we stopped. Wheels spinning but we’re sliding back. The trailer turning one way, the SUV the other way, I was ready for something to be damaged, the car, the trailer. We slid about 10 feet and came to a stop. This was pretty scary as there was a small ditch on the left that I didn’t want to end up in.

The beauty is there is no phone service there, so we’d have to get out somehow by our selves… or walk all the way over to the guy’s house.

I tried using the low-4 speed on the SUV but the trailer was too heavy and the sheet of ice under the wheels gave no traction. After a few tries of everything I could possibly think of the idea of unhooking the trailer and trying to get up the hill without it came to mind. That’s what I did and it worked. I got up there, had the guy come down on his big truck and pull the trailer up. It did take about half an hour for him to get up that hill with it too, not to mention all the stress, but we got it up there.

After all this drama, I was hungry! We stopped by a farmers market on our way home and bought some organic apples at a really good price. A 25 pounds box for $10. We bought 2 boxes!

The smell of BBQ there got the best of me and I bought one BBQ pulled pork sandwich, minus the bun. We split it between the kids, Jenni and me. It was super good, but I felt really guilty.

This didn’t stop there though, We also bought some home-made peanut brittle there and had some of that.

What a day! It’s cool though. I didn’t have too much of any of that so I am ok. Tomorrow is another day and I will start fresh again. The key is to get back up and continue.

Ok guys, thank you for reading all this. Chat tomorrow.

~ Valik


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