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Weight Loss Day 94 – Juice Fasting Day 15: No Juice Today At All

by Valik Rudd


Man, I keep saying, Sundays are very hard for me, today was a no-juice day. I took it easy today and just had raw/cooked food throughout the day. Feeling pretty guilty about it. All I keep thinking is “Tomorrow is Monday, it will all get back to normal durring the work week”. I cling to that thought like there is no tomorrow.

I had an apple in the morning, and then another apple later, with some almonds. For lunch I had 4 meat balls and raw veggies. For dinner I had some Fish-Stick Tostadas.. That’s like a fish taco but flat. I had 5 fish sticks with that and that filled me up pretty good.

Yeah, Sundays are still hard. I honestly thought it would get easier but nope, not happening for me.

Oh, yeah, one more thing. Today I went and exchanged my 36 size jeans to a 34 size ones because the 36 size ones keep sagging down falling off me. I don’t know if I am pushing it with 34’s, it sure feels like it but they look and feel good on me. I still do not comprehend that.

Anyway, chat tomorrow.

~ Valik


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