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Weight Loss Day 96 – Juice Fasting Day 17: It’s A Workin!

by Valik Rudd


This is really working. I can see doing this for a long time. Straight juice fasting is great but it is hard to continue to do it for too long but doing it through out the day and then having a raw or semi-raw dinner still makes the pounds fall off.

I must add that doing this will not come naturally to an average person coming from an average American diet. Sticking to mostly raw food diet and then on top, having only juice through the day may be just as hard or even harder. The only way I am able to do this is because my whole everything changed after the 40-day straight juice fast. I no longer crave the junk food and am super excited about being able to have the raw food.

I say, do a straight juice fast for at least 15 days but I recommend 30 if you can and then if you have more weight to lose you can do what I am doing. Do 3 to 4 juices per day and then a semi-raw or raw dinner.

So today I am at 225, which is the lowest I’ve ever been. It is awesome! I may actually be able to reach 220 by this weekend, I don’t know.

Keep JUICING my friends!! This is an awesome journey, very worth taking!

~ Valik


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