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Weight Loss Day 97 – Juice Fasting Day 18: Juice Fast & Smoked Salmon Nori Rolls

by Valik Rudd


After all day of juice fasting, I was ready for some food for dinner. We have not had the nori rolls in a while and I had a bright idea of adding some smoked salmon to them this time. This was a genius idea!

Like any other day, today started with a Lemon Ginger Blast and then followed by 2 Green Lemonades. Well actually today I had 3 of them, not 2, because we had a bunch left over and we had to go to the store to pick up the smoked salmon and I was hungry. So the 3rd juice held me over before we could have dinner.

The nori rolls I made were pretty simple. A nori half-sheet, a couple of leafs of romaine lettuce, a slice of the smoked salmon, 2 strips of cucumber and 2 strips of carrot. Roll it up and dip in my famous almond-butter asian sauce.

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Ok that’s all for today. See you tomorrow!!

~ Valik


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