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Weight Loss Day 98 – Juice Fasting Day 19: Overcoming Food Addiction

by Valik Rudd


Food addiction is one of the biggest problems in the world that causes obesity. “I’d like to stop but I can’t!”, most will say. This is why I want to tell you about me overcoming food addiction.

It’s not something that happened overnight, but it didn’t take months either. You can get rid of the food addiction within 15 to 40 days. In some extreme cases it may take 60 days. I am not saying that this is a 100% guarantee for overcoming addiction but I am saying that this worked for me and a lot of other people that I know.

Let me tell you about my day today and then I will tell you my overcoming food addiction. This was a typical day, Strawberry Lemonade in the morning, followed by 2 Green Lemonades. For dinner I had 5 smoked salmon Nori rolls. This was really good, I’ve looked forward to it all day!

Overcoming Food Addiction

Ok, so back to the food addiction. What worked for me, may take you less time or may take longer but what is amazing is that it will not only un-addict you from food but at the same time, heal some diseases and shed lots of pounds, fast!

I started with 8 days of raw food and then Juice Fasted for 40 days straight. This meant 80% vegetables juice and 20% fruit juice. As I came to find out, some vegetables do not taste good in juice form, in fact they are disgusting. So it took me a long time to find the juices that I could bare. I found my favorite ones which are Lemon Ginger Blast, Strawberry Lemonade, Green Lemonade & Mean Green. I could live on these 4 for months, if I had to.

This was not an easy journey but it did get easier after the first 10 days. The key is to psych your self up and get excited about the results, visualize the results. Have a clear defined goal. Not something like, “I want to lose weight.”, but something like, “I want to buy those size 34 jeans I could never imagine I’d ever fit into”. Have a tangible out come to look forward to, something you can touch and feel. Focus on it. Go to that store and look at those jeans. Visualize your self in them. This sounds like all kinds of bs, but it really works! It worked for me! You have to keep your self excited about this because it is hard work.

After the 40 days of juicing, I went back on raw food for 12 days, and this made my whole project a 60 day thing. After this, I am still on raw food and durring writing of this, I am on my second juice fast. I am no longer addicted to the cakes, candy bars, junks foods of all sorts, but instead, I crave raw food. Raw food snacks. Raw living foods that heal my body!

This is the best thing ever happened to me (besides the marriage to my wifey and having our beautiful kids, and I am sure there are other things I could list, but the point is that this is on that same level of importance!)

So start juicing as soon as possible and overcoming food addiction will be something that your body will thank you for. It only takes some short 30 days. Come on, who wouldn’t invest 30 days in a life time of health?

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~ Valik


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