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Weight Loss Day 100! Here Is How To Eat Right

by Valik Rudd


I have a theory on how to eat right and it’s been sorta working for me, when I eat that is. I was craving cheese and so on this day 100 of my weight loss project, I got me some cheese. And some ham kind of stuff. To eat this stuff right you must have a plan.

My theory is that if I follow this plan I shall not over eat and at the same time enjoy the food to the fullest. The plan is to take what you really want, like cheese in my case, and enjoy it by it self. Sticking it into a sandwich will only drown it out with all the other flavors. Same thing goes with ham or whatever else no healthy food you might be craving.

If you eat these things inside a sandwich you will sort of taste it but you will not get the full satisfaction from it so your body will continue to want more of it so you keep stuffing your self. I’ve tried doing this a few times last time I was off the fast and today again and it really helps me to enjoy the food but not over eat.

All for now, chat tomorrow.

~ Valik


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