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Weight Loss Day 102: My Holidays Eating Plan

by Valik Rudd


To survive the holidays and not gain a hundred pounds, you must have a plan, a strategy, which wil help you maximize the satisfaction from food while not over eating and gaining back a lot of the weight over the few days of feasting.

My plan is to continue to juice in the mornings, having a raw lunch and a semi-raw dinner. That’s it in a nutshell. It will probably deviate from it a little as I am a dynamic human being and things around me do not consult my plans. The main thing is to have a plan in place so there is at least something to go by.

So today I started my day with a nice Lemon Ginger Blast but I added some cilantro to it and also some parsley. I wanted to bring up the level of nutrition in it since this will be the only juice I may be having in a day. Adding leafy greens adds a doze of Chlorophyll and micro nutrients to the juice and makes it a nice boost for the start of the day.

For lunch I had some raw Nori rolls and for dinner, some Fish Tacos/Tostadas. We had company over for dinner so we had some candy on the table and I had a little more than I should have had of that.

Anyway, like I said before, tomorrow is a brand new day, a great time to start fresh. The main thing is not to let a small stumble derail the whole train. We continue!

Have a good one and I’ll see you tomorrow.

~ Valik


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