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Weight Loss Day 105: Living Raw!

by Valik Rudd


After juice fasting for this long, as I said before, you get a chance to start a new lifestyle. I mean, your body is clean of toxins that prevent you from being able to choose healthy food over junk.

If you take advantage of this chance you can start a new lifestyle that will last for ever, but if you dive right back into junk food, your body will fill up with toxins again and before you know it, you’ll be back to your old habits. Then, your chance is gone and your hard work is all down the toilet. I hope you grab this chance and hang on to it for dear life because after a few weeks of this you will have a brand new, healthy lifestyle that you always wanted. And it will not be hard work to keep it that way but instead, just a natural way of life for you.

It’s been a few days since I posted an update. I’ve been busy with work, lots of stuff going on this week.

So to update on my situation, I’ll start with the fact that I am continuing to juice. Juicing in the mornings, once, sometimes twice. Then for lunch I have a mostly raw meal, like a salad, maybe with a toast, or my favorite, nori rolls. For dinner I have about 50% raw meals, I try to have a lot of veggies available all the time so I can load up my plate with the living food and then have the cooked stuff as sides.

This has been working real well for me except that right now is the Christmas week and my mom and dad send us a bunch of candy and goodies and I’ve been having a hard time staying away from them. lol I do try to have a bunch of nuts though so not to stuff my self with candy. A better alternative I guess lol.

Lots of food planned for Christmas day, so a little worried about that but I think I should be ok.

Thanks for reading. I will chat with you soon.

~ Valik


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