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Weight Loss Day 106: Making Raw Salmon

by Valik Rudd


Raw, salt cured salmon is one of my all-time favorite foods. Before I started juice fasting and now, it is still amazing. The difference between before and now is how I used to eat it. It was actually part of the reason why I had to juice fast in the first place.

This dish comes from my childhood when my dad used to make it after catching fresh salmon. He would make this and also the salt cured salmon caviar, which was also amazing. I always loved it and continued the tradition, minus the catching of the salmon. I just buy it at Costco lol.

I used to have this salmon on top of a piece of white French bread and a nice thick layer of butter. That’s not all that bad but the fact that I used to live on it until it was all gone is the problem. I would stuff about 10 of those sandwiches into my mouth in one sitting. Wow, That is a lot. I never thought of it that way before. You have one, and then another, and the next and then you are full so you stop, but I never actually counted how many I had. Now thinking back I probably had about 10 per sitting. Crazy. That’s about half a stick of butter at a time.

Anyway, today, my old ways are off limits and truthfully, I can’t remember how that tasted so my body is not craving it any more. Now on my raw lifestyle, this salmon goes inside my raw vegetable Nori rolls and they taste amazing.

Watch the video above to see how I make my raw, salt cured salmon and try making it your self.

~ Valik


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