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Weight Loss Day 120 Update

by Valik Rudd


Just an update on my status. Not much happening in terms of weight loss but I feel great. The raw food really makes one feel super human almost. Well that if I wan’t so heavy, lol. Over the new year weekend I must have gained a few pounds because before that I weighed my self on Saturday and I was 233 pounds, then today I did again and I was still 233. Must mean that I gained some and then eating all the raw food and drinking juices, it came back down again. Guess it works 🙂

So my brain’s telling me I need to do a juice fast again and complete my weight loss to reach my goal, but my body doesn’t want to. I’m just not as enthused about it as I was before. And I really try, I try to find what it was that inspired me so much to do the 60 day. So far I haven’t found it.

Jenni’s doing a juice fast starting on Monday, so maybe I will attach my self to her and see if I can get back on it. I really only need to lose about 20 pounds more to be in the range and about 30 to completely reach my goal. I know it doesn’t take long to do this so I am going to try to psych my self up for this.

I would really appreciate any encouragement if anyone out there has any for me 😀

Ok until next time my friends.

~ Valik


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