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Weight Loss Day 123 – Juice Fasting Phase 3, Day 1

by Valik Rudd


Well, here we go again. Started the juice fasting phase three today. It was a success. Juiced all day, mostly with green juices. Feeling like a million bucks, it’s amazing!

The day started out with 32 ounces of water as usual, then followed by a 16 ounce Green Lemon Ginger Blast. This juice is based on the standard Lemon Ginger Blast but I add half a bunch of Cilantro and half a bunch of Parsley to it to make it “greener”. The taste is awesome and it is super good for you. See the Recipe here.

A couple of hours later I have 16 ounces of the Green Lemonade and this holds me through until about 2 o’clock. I try to drink another 16 ounces of water durring this time. Then I have another 16 ounces of the same juice.

Another 16 ounces of water goes in before the dinner juice. By this time I should have had about 64 ounces of water in. This is the minimum anyone should have so make sure to at least have this much every day.

For dinner I had a random juice. Although my goal is to have all green juices most of the day, the dinner one is when I relax it a bit. Today I had a red juice. It had 2 apples in it, 1 lemon, 3 carrots, 1 beet and about a cup of strawberries. The strawberries I blended into the juice though because they are not good juiced and I really don’t like to waste all that strawberry goodness.

That’s all for today. Was a successful juice fast day number one!

Until tomorrow.

~ Valik


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