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Day 124 – Juice Fasting Day 2 – Cooling Down The Juicer

by Valik Rudd


Day 2. Things are going by plan, just juicing along. Not a bad day today, got through it pretty nicely.

Sometimes, when I am too busy, Jenni will make our juice and so as we all know different people have different techniques. Jenni, apparently, has figured out how to keep the juicer from heating up while juicing greens. She puts ice cubes into the juicer while juicing things like kale. Wow, what an awesome idea!

I’ve been thinking about how to remedy this problem and she’s got it figured out. So yeah, If your juicer gets hot while trying to grind up those greens, just throw an ice cube in there. Works like a charm…

NOTE: If you have an omega juicer or another masticating juicer that does not grind the stuff you put in there first, putting ice cubes in there is probably not a good idea. This is for the juicers that grind the stuff first. Actually probably only for those that have a Champion juicer. So don’t blame me if your juicer breaks if you stick an ice cube in there. 🙂 Just use your head. 🙂


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