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Day 125 – Juice Fasting Day 3 Update – Hard Day!

by Valik Rudd


Whew, what a day. Day number three was one hard day. Craving foods… things like an apple.. or almonds. Anything really that is not a juice. Just as I expected, it came on day 3.

From my previous experience, the hardest days are 3 through 7. Not all of those, just some days between those. It may be all of them and it may be just one. I am hoping that is is only today. Tomorrow will be a better day, I will do my best to make it be.

The things that made it a fail was that I had my first juice earlier in the morning, then that made me have to drink 5 juices instead of 4. The second thing is that when I got hungry in the middle of the day I didn’t want to have any juice and instead had a banana. Another thing is that I had 2 small fries. And another is that I had a half of avocado in the evening. You thought that was it? Nope, I had 3 mugs of tea, with honey. This is me spooning the honey into my mouth with every sip of tea. So who knows how many spoons of honey I really had. No I do not put a whole tea spoons of honey with every sip, just a little bit on the tip of the spoon, but still, with 3 mugs of tea, you can imagine how much honey I have consumed.

Dreading tomorrow’s weight. Ok, onto day 4.

Chat tomorrow!

~ Valik


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