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Day 127 – Juice Fasting Day 6: Pushups!

by Valik Rudd


A little fun with pushups. I thought why not add something fun to the videos, so my first thought was to let you guys watch me do pushups. I will do the same amount of pushups what ever juicing day count it is. So today is day 5 so I would do 5 pushups. (I actually do 10).

As always, Jenni is full of ideas, she suggests I do pushups at the end of the video too. That would make it for 20 pushups in this video. I feel great though, I am more comfortable doing these now. It was pretty hard for me to do 10 but now they are easier. I’ve been doing pushups almost every day this week so that has to do a lot with it.

Bought a new raw food book, with pictures. Didn’t start reading it yet but it looked good from what I read and looked through at Barnes & Noble a few days ago. Hoping this one will be as good as the first one (see picture on right) I got. That one’s been used a lot. I’ll tell you about this new one later after I go through it. I know it has a lot of juice recipes, and a good selection of just green juices.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that I was shocked today as I was drinking my Green Lemonade juice I tasted strawberries… I do not know why but I am serious. There are no strawberries in it… but my mind is really enjoying this juice, even sending me pleasant flavors to enjoy. Love this juice!

Ok all for today.

~ Valik


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