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Day 158 – Juice Fasting Day 2 – Getting Angry

by Valik Rudd


Get angry at your self for craving junk, get angry for wanting to sneak some food in while on a juice fast and sabotage your weight loss plan. Kick your own butt! Seems to work for me. lol

I remembered today how I applied this as one of the techniques to keep my self motivated while on the first juice fast, I got angry at my self for not having the will power and almost giving up… at those week points, this method of empowering my self seemed to work really well.

Today, I tried and applied it to this juice fast and it still works very well. Actually every time I have a thought about food, I flip it and get angry and it is gone. I can’t think of any other instant result in this area that will make the craving or even thought disappear like this.

I want to be up front that I do not promote or support “angry” music, but sometimes there is nothing like it. There are times in your life when “angry” music will carry you through some of the toughest times in life. This may not be as tough as others but it is a good candidate for it.

So that is all I got for today. Get angry at your self, that you let your self go so long, get angry that you make your self believe that you are too weak… you are not! You have the will power, you just choose not to apply it. It is easier to say “I am too weak, I have no will power”, but we all know where we end up with thoughts like that. Kick your own butt in gear and let’s get this done!

Until tomorrow.


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