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Day 160 – Juice Fasting Day 4 – Going strong!

by Valik Rudd


I missed yesterday’s video because I was too busy and then too lazy. This is juice fasting day 4 and I am going strong. The days are super easy but the nights are a struggle.

It has been 100 days since I finished my first 60-day juice fast… amazingly I’ve been able to keep it off this long. I did gain 14 pounds but am on my way to shedding those as I am typing this. Today is day 4 and I am down 5 pounds so today I still have 9 pounds to go to reach my lowest weight. I should be able to do that by end of next week I think.

We just got home from the store and I smelled a flame broiled burger all the way home… Really wanted to go and stop by Burger King, but didn’t. Then wanted to stop by the Russian store and get some goodies from there… but didn’t. Those small battles are hard to fight but when I win them it feels great.

Going to finish my green juice and then probably watch a show of some sort while drinking some nice oregano tea with honey and maybe… probably actually, some dates and an orange. Yeah that will do it for today.

Until tomorrow! Juice on my friends!


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