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Day 170 – Juice Fasting Day 10 – Wow, day 10 already!

by Valik Rudd


It’s been 10 days now on this juice fast. I’ve lasted this long and I think I can keep going for a while still. Having juice all day and then raw food after dinner seems to work pretty well. I have been having a hard time staying within the “raw food” brackets though, having some fried chicken of all things on Sunday, some fish sticks with my salad on Monday, cookies on Tuesday… I need to stop this, I know, and I am trying. Trying to trick your mind into submitting is not that easy to do. I have figured out how to keep it from food all day but this evening thing I am still working on.

Had an idea last night to make even more juice so there would be enough to last through the entire day and see if having it sit there would make me drink it and not eat food at all… When it is sitting there in the fridge, and the day comes to the end, it will make mem feel bad for wasting this live amazing juice and hopefully will make me drink it instead. Will try this today and see how it works.

Also, I decided to post twice a week instead of every day, it’s been stressing me out to do it every day and when I miss a day then I have this burden.. now I told you it will only be twice a week so I should be able to relax about it. This is Wednesday so I will chat with you about Saturdayish.

Until then.

~ Valik


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