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Getting Ready for Another 60-Day Juice Fast

by Valik Rudd


I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, juice fasting for another 60 days will put me right where I want to be weight wise. I’ve tried doing 5 to 10 day juice fasts here and there after my original 60-day fast but they are not as successful and not as rewarding as the original one.

I think it may be because doing it for such a short time derails the plans at about 3rd or so day because I start thinking about what I’ll eat when I am done. It being only a few days away, I start tasting the food and it drives me crazy. Juice fasting for 60 days puts the goal day far out so you don’t think about when that will happen and this way the body gives up thinking about food and stays focused, making the fast a lot more successful.

That is my thinking anyway. I will be starting my 60-day juice fast next week, starting out with about 7 days of only raw food (no nuts or seeds) and then full on juicing for 40 days, finishing up with 13 days of raw food. If all goes by plan, I should lose about 50 pounds which will put me right at my goal weight of 195 or 190 lbs. That will be amazing as I do not remember ever being that light.

I will need everyone’s encouragement to do this so if you can, please leave me comments here or on Facebook. I will appreciate any kind words and cheering on.

Until next time.

~ Valik


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