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Day 230: 60-Day Reboot 2 – Day 2 – Raw Food

by Valik Rudd


Here we go again, 60-day juice fast number 2 begins now! Well, actually I began it yesterday but because it was my birthday I did go out to a sushi place and had some “raw” sushi with Jenni to celebrate me getting old.

This 60-day reboot will consist of 10 days of raw food, 40 days of juice fasting and then 10 more days of raw food again. I am hoping to get my weight under 200 pounds by then. I am starting out at 236 pounds today, which is 42 pounds less than what I was 230 days ago. In my first 60-day reboot I lost 54 pounds, then after I started eating again I gained back 12 pounds, which is not too bad at all.

I stuck to raw food as much as I could and stayed away from junk,… as much as I could… Also, I have not had pasta for 230 days now and have no desire to have it ever again. I wanted to say that I have not had beef, pork and rice since than too but I know I have had some here and there. The main thing that I am happy about is that those things are no longer the major players on my dinner plate any more.

I am looking forward to June 24th as I will be a new man on this day. This will mark my last day of the 60-day reboot and I will have reached my ultimate weight goal.

Thats all for today. Have a good one!


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