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Day 248: 60-Day Reboot 2 Day 20 – Weigh In!

by Valik Rudd


This is my 20th day on this reboot and day 10 juice fasting. I was super excited this morning when I got on the scale. Yesterday I weighed in at 225lbs, that is 1 pound away from my lowest weight from the last 60-day reboot I was on. Today when I weighed my self I was 222lbs! That took me down 2 pounds below my lowest. Amazing stuff this juice fasting business is.

Today, being Sunday, plus hanging out at the park with some friends, I broke down and had a half a hamburger. And some cake… Horrible, I know. I could not resist, it smelled amazing there. I am human after all…

That’s ok though, tomorrow is a new day, a Monday and I get to start back on track again. I am looking forward to next Saturday’s weigh in, it should be under 220’s and that is very exciting for me.

30-Day Juice Fasting Calendar

I will post another video about this in the next few days but for now, please watch the video and find out about this awesome tool I created. This calendar takes you through a 30-day juice fast step by step. It tells you exactly what to do and when, what raw food to eat and what juices to make.

>> Find out more about it at http://Drop30in30.com <<

Until next time!

~ Valik


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