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Super Powers of Water

by Valik Rudd


waterDon’t underestimate the power of drinking water. From the looks of it, water is just a nutrition-less, flavor-less, empty substance.  This liquid is being under-appreciated all over the world, mostly in the 1st world countries. People living in countries where drinking water is scarce, it is treated with respect. My goal in this article is to show you how important drinking water really is, and not for water’s sake or other people, or even the planet, it is important for you and I.

Let me tell you the benefits and things that should make you want to reach for a bottle of cold water right now, and make this article be a huge paradigm shift in your world.

Water, The Anti-Virus Utility For The Body

How important is it to have a toxin-free body? The answer to that reminds me of having a computer with an old version of Windows running on it. This computer has been used by a person that is clueless about viruses and all kinds of malware. Can you imagine the performance of this computer after a couple of years of that? I can, I used to run a tech support desk where people brought me their machines that were half way dead.

This is exactly what happens to the body if it is not properly hydrated and the “viruses” and all kinds of garbage is not flushed out using water (the anti-virus utility).

The body will feel like it is sick, you may have head aches, aching muscles, feel tired, having a hard time concentrating. These are just a few mild things you will experience if water is not flowing through the system on regular basis.

Water Makes You Sharp and Focused

We are made of 60% water. What happens with water? It evaporates. It is common sense that if we do not top it off, the body will dry out. And no, sugary and caffeine filled drinks do not count as water. This water is infected and dead, it will only harm. You need a fresh plain glass of water.

Every single vital system in our body depends on water being available at all times, especially the brain. Other systems like the digestion, blood circulation, getting nutrients around the body, and keeping the body at the right temperature depend on water too.

When well hydrated, the brain can function at it’s peak performance and keep you alert and focused.

Alcohol is definitely out, as you can imagine, it is no water. This poison will interfere with the body functions and will cause it to lose water to try flush this toxin out faster and result in dehydration. Why do you think you need to pee so much when drinking alcohol? The body is fighting this poison and tries to flush it out, risking losing it’s lifeblood – water.

Water Keeps You From Getting Fat

This one is simple, drinking water, lots of water fills your stomach and makes you feel full, causing you to eat less.

This is not all though. Drinking plenty of water keeps the circulation working properly and flushes out the fat breakdowns, this helps burn more fat. I saw this when I was juicing. When I didn’t drink the amount of water I was suppose to, I lost less weight. As soon as I got it back to my daily regiment, the weight started to fall off again.

Water Makes Your Muscles Work

Muscles require electrolytes to work and to get instructions from the brains. Water is exactly how the electrolytes get around in the body, it there is not enough water, you get traffic jams and all kinds of problems with the performance. Muscles start hurting and tired. Keeping hydrated will keep the muscles functioning.

Water Keeps You Healthy Overall

This is a story from my own experience. Ever since I was a teenager, I have always had high blood pressure. I think it is hereditary, but that is not important. Years of medications prescribed by my doctor did not fix anything, other than lowering it a bit. It also gave me a dry cough that never went away as long as I was taking the pills. I also had nosebleeds that I suspect was caused by these pills.

A year ago, I did a juice fast for forty days surrounded by about 10 days of raw food. This cleaned out my body of all kinds of toxins and healed all kinds of problems for me. One of the things I no longer have is high blood pressure. Having said that, my body is still very sensitive to things like salt and other blood pressure raising stimulants. Drinking at least 64 ounces of water every day keeps my blood pressure at around 120/80, which is perfect. This is even though I eat normal food with salt and all. I do stay away from caffeine though, because I do not “need” it.

Water flushes out all the toxins, waste and things your body doesn’t like. A good working flushing system is a good thing to have.

How Much Water Is Enough?

It is recommended to drink 64 to 96 ounces of water per day to keep the body functioning at it’s best. To put this into easier to understand amount, you need to drink at least four 16 ounce bottles or glasses of water.

This seems a lot at first, I know, I was shocked when I found out I needed to drink that much. I thought I’d never be able to do that. Now, I go through this and have a padding of about 4 to 6 hours in the day to catch up if I missed a bottle or 2. You get used to it and it is not a big deal after a while. This is very worth a habit to form!

How Can I Drink That Much Water?

Working at a desk, 8 hours straight makes it easier to get the necessary amount of water into the body without much effort, for me anyway.

Step 1: I start with 2 bottles of water in the morning, before breakfast. I can chug one bottle down at a time if I want to, but half a bottle, without effort at all.

Step 2: I do another 2 bottles between breakfast and lunch. This is easy also but expect to run to the bathroom a lot more often.

Step 3: Another 2 bottles between lunch and dinner and your minimum is in. If you miss one or two, you have all night to catch up.

Make that into a habit and your water intake will be a easy. It is a small effort to ensure a healthy body.




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