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How Fat Works, In Simple Terms

by Valik Rudd


Being fat is not easy and some times it is even harder when you don’t know why you’re getting fatter. To some, it is common sense but to others it is a mystery. Let’s take a look at fat and how it works.

Our bodies are machines that require energy to function. Even a hundred years ago, our “machines” didn’t used to have to deal with bing overweight as much as we do these days. The reason is simple, as out technology gets more advanced, we invent more ways to do as least as possible with as least effort as possible. I can just see the human race riding around on floaty carts glued to a computer monitor like they did in the movie Wall-e.

Technology is great, but fact is, our bodies were designed to work. Physical labor is something our bodies need to engage in in order to use the energy it stores. We are amazingly efficient machines that modern scientists have not found a way to match.


Energy gets cheaper and work gets easier, it is simple math, 5 energy units – 2 work units = 3 energy units left over. With this kind of math happening on daily basis, the storage of extra energy is overwhelming. Then we wonder why the world is getting fat.

Back in the days when work meant you go and plow a field or dig a hole, then a large dinner was perfect to support the person doing all this work. Now we sit at a computer all day and exercise the digits. Even the average non-computer factory worker’s labor largely consists of pressing a button. It’s hilarious what work has become.

What do we do about this today?

You’ve got to balance it out. If you ingest 5 units of energy, balance it out with 5 units of work. The modern day unit is measured in calories, so that is a good way to measure your balance. Exercise, daily activities and hard physical labor are the most common users of energy, while fat, carbs and sugar are the most common energy suppliers.

Find a perfect balance between these and the fat shall be released from your life.


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