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Make Real Change Against Genetically Modified Food (GMO), Without Politics

by Valik Rudd


Green movements have been on the rise regarding environmental stewardship, and alongside of these movements there has also been a considerable increase in health awareness pertaining to human consumption. One such issue which has recently received notable attention is that of genetically modified food products (food with GMOs). Basically, GMOs are genetically modified plants and organisms found in a majority of consumer products sold in your local grocery stores and suppliers. While producers generally modify plants for what appears to be wholesome reasons (i.e. boosting nutritional value, yielding more crop, etc.), many consumers have expressed concern as these chemicals pose potentially harmful effects to the human body as well as to the environment in which they are produced.

Furthermore, it is particularly alarming that the Food and Drug Administration does not require such modified products to bear labels. This means that consumers are robbed of the right to know exactly what they are consuming, making it difficult to recognize what is healthy and what could potentially harm you. Not only is the general public’s health at risk through direct consumption of genetically modified products, but the environment exposed to these chemicals are vulnerable to pollution. From chemical treatment fiascoes in history, it is quite clear that non-natural components and natural environments simply should not mix.

Make A Change


The good thing to know is that just because GMOs exist in the market today does not mean that they have to be there tomorrow. Some may argue that change cannot happen overnight, but the fact is, it can. It starts with an individual’s choice to alter his or her lifestyle and buying habits. For those who feel strongly against the use of GMOs, the first action to be taken actually happens to be the simplest and most effective: voting with your wallet.

The concept of “voting with your dollars” is not normally one that sticks out when one makes a trip to the supermarket, but its logic exists nonetheless. Regardless of its recognition, its effectiveness is universal. One votes with their wallet whether or not they see it as vote at all. It is quite simple: the market continues to include products in which there is demand. If more people are buying an item, it remains available and usually ends up being stocked at greater quantities. The opposite is true for items in which people have little interest in buying. Where there is no profit, the product ceases to exist, or otherwise is altered to attract buyers.

For those advocating healthy lifestyles and environmental stewardship, investing in products which are consistent to one’s values is important for making a difference. If every individual who wanted to see the world become a healthier place bought according to such standards, then those products which are harming both the general health of the public as well as nature would simply disappear off the shelves. Of course, this is assuming that there are enough advocates to make a significant change. However, when it comes to a cleaner world and a healthier life, it really would be difficult to find people wanting the opposite of those things. Instead, the buffer to a significant movement of clean environments and healthy lifestyles is nothing but ignorance. People cannot advocate issues if they are not first informed. With this in mind, it is just as important to spread valuable information regarding health so other people can act on it as it is to “practice what you preach”. Usually, though, raising awareness and acting according to your stance on an issue go hand in hand.

March Against Monsanto 2013

This past weekend on May 25, 2013, over fifty countries took part in a rally against chemical giant Monsanto. Over 2,000,000 protesters gathered in 436 cities declaring that products with GMOs not only should be labeled, but taken off the shelves. With phenomenal attendance at this demonstration, clearly the word is spreading on how people can better take care of their health and the environment. But imagine if every single person involved in the protests also made a change in their buying habits. This would be a significant shift in market sales for products containing GMOs, meaning that producing companies would be virtually forced to put out products lacking chemical alterations in order to continue their business.

You Can Make A Difference Today!

If people are serious about advocating healthy standards, it must begin with practical application. No one can necessarily change another person’s mind simply by talking. To see a change in the world, action is essential. Therefore, it is high time to literally be the difference by adjusting our lifestyles in accordance to the values that we hold. They say that “money makes the world go round”. If this is true, then where are money goes plays a significant role in deciding what direction our world is headed. Therefore, let’s make each purchase count and vote for a healthier, brighter, and cleaner future with our investments.


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