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4 Steps To Boost Your Metabolism

by Valik Rudd


For those desiring to boost their metabolism, it is first important to understand the fundamental facts regarding its function and the effects of changing its pace in your body. To begin with, the metabolic reaction is quite simply a chemical function in your body that breaks down what has been consumed into energy. High metabolisms generally convert a larger quantity of what has been consumed at a higher speed, while low metabolisms do the opposite. 

You can guess at the nature of an individual’s metabolism by studying how they eat compared to their physical appearance. If one individual is prone to a regular intake of large calorie portions yet continues to maintain a slender and healthy figure, you can probably assume that this person has a fast metabolism. A slow metabolism, on the other hand, will not be able to take these same large portions without adding a little extra skin. Or a lot, depending on the person and the metabolic speed.

With the latter in mind, naturally most health-conscious people will want to speed up their metabolisms as fast as they can while still being healthy. However, some have given into the misconception that the rate of speed in which your metabolism operates is decided by your gene make up. While this may be partially true, it certainly does not mean that any hopes for speeding up your metabolism should be entirely dropped. The fact of the matter is, there are many ways to boost one’s metabolic speed regardless of the individual’s age, gender, or bodily state. Still, you may want to note that after a certain point within the age of one’s mid-twenties, the metabolic system tends to decline by incremental percentages every ten years. While you can still make changes to your lifestyle to improve your metabolism at any age, you will find it most effective to do so at an earlier age.

How to Boost Your Metabolism:

1. Always eat breakfast, and eat a lot of it


Start off your day with a hearty meal. Studies have shown that out of the three standard meals that most people consume each day, breakfast carries the most significance. This is because after more or less of eight hours in slumber, your body is prone to jumping into “starvation mode” if it does not replenish nutrients back into its system. Starvation mode literally counteracts the possibility of speeding up your metabolism by bringing your metabolic rate to a screeching halt in order to preserve whatever energy is still left in your body for the means of survival.

2. Exercise


Another way to effectively boost your metabolism’s speed is by increasing your body’s need for energy replenishment. One simple way to do this is by increasing the amount of physical activity that you do each day. By exercising often and using up the proteins and the carbs that your body already has, your body will need to keep up with the energy it is putting out by converting its energy reservoir also known as fat deposits. This process is recognized as calorie burning. A high metabolism is known for burning calories quickly, so therefore exercising often will train your metabolism to pick up the speed.

3. Build your muscles


This step goes hand in hand with the last one, but for slightly different reasons. The existence of muscle tissues in your body requires energy in itself, so therefore the presence of more muscle tissue results in your body naturally compensating for those energy needs by burning calories. Therefore, simply exercising takes down two birds with one stone. You are training your body to replenish its energy needs by exercising in itself, but also increasing your body’s needs for energy on a regular basis by building up a healthy amount of muscle tissue.

4. Change your diet


You can also boost the speed of your metabolism by, believe it or not, eating certain foods. However, this is not referring to just any food. The type of food that will do the trick is the type rich in protein. In order for your body to burn away calories from foods with protein, it takes around double the energy compared to what it takes to burn away food calories with a lot of fat. Therefore, by eating balanced amounts of food with high protein counts, you can train your body to speed up its metabolism.


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