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BPA-Free Scam To Get You To Buy More Plastics Worked!

by Valik Rudd


Just when you thought you were safe now that your plastic food containers are all BPA-free, a violent shock to your being… Nobody told you about BP-F, BP-S and the rest of the alphabet. Seems like this big deal about BPA was released to make everyone freak out and then when they came up with BPA-Free plastics, get more people to use them than ever, even the people that wouldn’t come near a plastic container before. Clever… create a problem, then solve it and come out as a hero, when nothing really changed.


According to a study published on GreenMedInfo.com, BPA was just one type compound that mutates cells. It lists all kinds of other bisphenol types that in some cases are even worse than the A type. This makes me want to freak out and bag all the plastics that my food come in contact with and haul it out to the dump.. What about dentures… the compounds they use in those, are they BP-(X) free? I want to go live in 1700’s, where they only had.. like… iron and wood and stuff.

What do you think about all this?


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