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Gardening For Geeks

by Valik Rudd


How appropriate, just what every geek should have on their book shelf. Gardening For Geeks is a gardening book that goes beyond your regular knowledge that your grandma taught you.. or didn’t. It discusses the ecosystem and the environment that your garden is in. You will learn how theĀ meteorsĀ and rockets flying above will affect your tomatoes as well as how close the bathroom fumes are in proximity to your garden, this will all make or break that harvest.


The best part? There is charts and graphs that will explain everything you need to know. So.. get to it, stop playing that World of Warcraft, buy this book and get your hand dirty. You know there is a world out there that needs you!

Disclaimer: Yes, that is my affiliate link… I get a cut when you buy the book, with which I will pay a portion of the hosting fee of this site with.. or maybe not..


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