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Best Alternatives to Flu Vaccines

by Gab Billones


So, it’s almost that time of the year again when sneezing, fever, headaches, body malaise and pains are in the neighborhood – the flu season.

Flu, or medically termed as influenza, may be one of the viral infections that you really would not want to have (as if there were any that you would actually like). As preventive measures to the health threats this seasonal visitor brings about, many have resorted to using flu vaccines. While these convenient and to-go flu shots performs its function of causing antibodies to develop in the body thus increasing our immunity quite well, what we don’t know or shall we say, refuse to acknowledge, is the fact that these vaccines actually have side effects just like any other medical treatment.

Many flu vaccines contain thimesoral, a toxin in the form of a preservative which contains mercury, dangerous enough to be the reason why such component has been removed from some children’s vaccinations.


Since we wouldn’t want to have other diseases coming from flu vaccines which was supposedly targeted to cure and not add to our health burden, here are some of the best alternatives to flu shots, not to mention very accessible, affordable, and of course, natural.

More liquids. No, not the liquid you gulp down on Friday nights but the safe and beneficial ones, like fruit juices and water.

Believe the doctors when they say you should drink at least eight (8) glasses of safe drinking water a day. Never underestimate the benefits this tasteless liquid gives. Keep yourself well-hydrated. The logic is simple, the more you drink water, the more you excrete unnecessary fluids in your body, and the more you excrete, the cleaner your respiratory system becomes. Also, avoid drinking coffee and tea with caffeine for they may cause dehydration.

Give yourself a warm shower. Just the perfect kind of warm you want. While the soothing feeling of warm water dripping all over your body is the best thing you need with all that body pain and breathing trouble going on, the steam produced in a warm bath softens the thick sticky mucus in your sinuses, thus, giving air more ways to pass through.

Finish the soup. You need to nourish yourself at these flu times, so, go on and sip that hot soup. Aside from fueling your body, the hot soup also produces steam vapors which liquefy the mucus that gives you the trouble. Add some chopped garlic for they kill germs straight.

Wet those socks. While this may sound and feel a bit odd, soaking your feet to warm water and then wearing wet socks to bed will drive congested blood to the feet which would then effect to a better blood circulation. In the morning, say hello to a better feel.

Use decongestant nasal sprays. So you really want to breathe easy the fastest possible way now, use decongestant nasal sprays. These are safe but make sure to not overuse and overdo it, stop using these nasal sprays in not later than three (3) days for they may cause another set of congested mucus, and that is what we are trying to drive away.

Gargle. To calm that soring throat, gargle with a mixture of warm water and salt or lemon juice. The salt effectively soothes the pain and the lemon juice really does make use of its acidic component in killing bad germs.

Wander around the house for home remedies and say goodbye to flu.


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