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How to Minimize the Risk of Death

by Gab Billones


Statistics say 100 out of every 100 will die…

As Ben Franklin said, “The only certain thing in this world is death“.

Death is inescapable, and there’s no telling when will it cross your time It’s just lurking at the corner, waiting for an opportunity to snatch that precious life of yours. But wait, death is the only thing certain, so what about the opportunity? Well, before we flew into some Shakespearean conclusion, let’s face the reality. You can’t stop death, but minimizing the risk factor causing it is another story.


The risk factor of death simply implies the chances of your death in certain cases such as having a particular disease or medical condition, an accident and other cases. Some risk factors, such as age, gender and family history are beyond your control. However, many lifestyle-related and attitude-driven risk factors are very much in your control.

To help you educate about how to lower these risk factors, here are a few simple tips. Now others might find this old and obvious. But mind you, it’s really worth a look.

First of all, you can start this with changing your lifestyle. Now changing your lifestyle doesn’t mean that you go from being Amanda Bynes to Emma Watson. It simply means that as early as now, you can choose to live a healthy life.

Some Lifestyle Change Suggestions Include:

Eat a healthy meal. Instead of rushing your way into McDonalds, you can always choose to eat nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables. We all know that processed foods pose a certain level of risk attached to its consumption as compared to the fiber rich vegetables and fruits.

Lose some flabs. Not only will you gain more confidence, you’ll also minimize your risk of becoming obese. Obesity is one of the leading cause of death in America today. Along with diabetes, these two trigger different health problems like cancer, liver and kidney inflammation and many others.

Do more physical activity. Study shows that those who take a 15-minute walk four times a week reduce their risk of an early death by 40 percent. Now how about having a work-out? Exercising is such a great deal most especially if you really wanted to give your health a shot. It is advisable for people to get sweaty everyday by engaging into work-outs or physical activities to remove the toxins in the body.

Reduce or eliminate dietary salt. Study shows that reducing your salt intake by 3 grams per day lowers blood pressure and reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease. Remember that junk foods have a good spelling to disease and I’m putting junk foods into your bodies accumulate unnecessary toxins and chemicals in your stomach, something you wouldn’t wish to have if you wanted to live longer.


Avoid excessive alcohol consumption. Excessive long-term drinking increases the risk of cancers of the mouth, pharynx, esophagus and liver. Drink moderately. If possible, quit drinking alcohol. There are benefits of alcohol intake but those are taken at minimal levels and are naturally acquired in the food and drinks that we consume for necessity.

Stop smoking. If drinking increases your risks of having cancer, smoking amplifies it. So to those who are smoking, stop it now, and to those who would want to try to smoke, kick that thought out of your mind. Research shows that smoking and the risk of having a cancer, heart disease and respiratory disease is dose-related but it doesn’t mean that there’s a safe level of smoking.

Next is to never let your car drive on its own. This simply means that you must be alert and pay attention while driving. If you’re drunk, don’t ever think of driving. You need an alert mind when driving. Also don’t try to pick up that phone and start texting. You’re brain cannot serve two masters at the same time. It’s been proven many times to be true even if you don’t feel like it’s affecting your driving, it is. Many have died proving that this is so.

Another thing is to be a responsible adult. Your parent’s long sermon isn’t just a senseless rattle. Those are just for your own good. Remember them and keep those in mind. You will never want to go into a state where there is no point of return because in the end, you will be the one to be blamed. Avoid those dangerous drugs and choose the company you keep.

And last bot not least, always play your cards right. Don’t play with death because it does not play fair. Choose a healthy lifestyle, drive safely, be a responsible adult and live your life right. Life is worth living, even if it’s short.


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