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Diet Soda Is Like Drinking Poison

by Gab Billones


There’s a long list of risks in drinking soft drinks, which is why people choose to resort to diet soda. They believed in the claims that diet soda is less aggressive to health and is a better option compared to the regular one. In this article, we’re going to look at the possibility that diet soda might not have differed at all from regular soda when it comes to the risks that it poses to our health.

According to Susan Swithers, one of the researchers of the journal “Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism” of Purdue University, diet soda has a counter-intuitive effect to the health claims that it has in status quo. She stressed that the artificial sweeteners added to the soda to fulfill the people’s cravings for a sweet taste is the root cause of the problem.


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She argued that the fake sugar being added in soda gives a false impression to the body that is supposed to respond to any material delivered into it. Under such circumstance, it becomes confusing for the body to respond to a real sugar when it’s constantly being bombarded by a false one. If excessive consumption of diet soda happens, the body develops resistance in responding to sugar, regardless of whether it is a real one or not, because of the confusion that false sugar from diet sodas bring about.

In that instance specifically, the body becomes unable to respond to sugar intake. And we all know that the body releases a hormone to regulate the sugar levels and blood pressure in our body. When this regulation is absent, the body becomes prone to problems related to accumulation of sugar in the body.

Drinking diet sodas is also linked to increased risk of kidney decline. We all know that excessive drinking of cola increases the likelihood to develop kidney stones. But according to research, drinking diet sodas does not give any glaring difference towards kidney problems. It even mounts the problem because of its after-effects.

Corollary to that, because of the artificial sweeteners contained in the soda, it creates a subliminal dependence effect to the body that makes it crave even more for sugars. It can increase appetite towards consumption of products that are rich in sugar. So it doesn’t just threaten the body’s internal affinity to risks, but it also affects weight as it folds more packs into your body because of after-effect consumption. This is directly ironic from its name which drove people to believe that it is attributable to weight loss.

What we have to understand is that just because a product doesn’t have calorie doesn’t mean that it can’t pose health risks. Stevia, a natural sweetener and is 250 times sweeter than the regular sugar, is a processed extract of a natural plant and can actually bring about more health risks than its regular counterpart.

Drinking diet soda is also linked to tooth decay. In an analysis from University of Michigan, they tested the PH of diet soda and confirmed that its PH is equal to 3.2.  Acidic substances in this range readily dissolves enamel and could cause problems in fillings and teeth. More than that, diet soda cans are coated with the endocrine disruptor bisphenol A (BPA) which is a serious concern for its effects to the heart, reproductive system and its contributions to obesity.

In a dissenting statement coming from American Beverage Association, they said that low-calorie sweeteners actually contribute to weight loss and weight management, adding to the fact that these sweeteners are some of the most reviewed ingredients of today. But the missing gap is a detailed explanation of how these reviews delved to the depth of potential side effects, instead of just simply brushing them off.

Coupling the kidney problems, weight gain and tooth enamel damage, bone loss suggestively adds to this lengthening list of health risks posed by drinking diet soda alone. The phosphoric acid that it contains is said to drive the fast excretion of calcium in the bloodstream through frequent urination. As a result, some of the calcium has to be given up by the body to responsively maintain the calcium levels in the blood.

With all these things, it’s very important to know the most efficient alternative. Healthy drinks are good options but water is still the best therapy. If we want to give premium to our health, we shouldn’t bother taking soda if we’re fully aware of the risks that are attached to its consumption.


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