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The Best Comfort Foods for Depression and Anxiety

by Gab Billones


Regardless of the kind of food that we’re eating, there’s no doubt that filling our stomach gives us a rewarding comfort. But when we talk about comfort foods, it is not just about quenching our cravings, it’s like defining our own version of comfort through foods.

Comfort foods are those foods that soothes our being. It may invoke feelings of nostalgia, safety and security from our childhood memories which epitomizes home cooking rather than the gourmet one.  We often look for these foods every time we are not feeling our best, whether we are stressed out or just coming down with a cold. When we feel depressed, we just find a way back home in these comfort foods that serve as our escape from all the baggage and weight that we’re carrying.


Indeed, these foods are insatiable, cozy, warming and generally terrific in making you feel better. There’s truly nothing wrong in eating these foods but when you end up in a state that makes you feel worse later, then maybe your taking this kind of comfort too much. Always remember that anything done excessively is already bad.

Obviously, if you’re not careful enough, these indulgence can quickly add pounds of extra insulation that are hard to remove. Despite the fact that most of these foods mainly consists of ingredients rich in fat and calories, its availability, easy-to-prepare and palatable properties have been so hard to resist. As a result, this habit is being suggested as one of the main contributors of obesity.

Now we’re not scraping comfort foods in the list to relieve you from your long bad day. What we want to do is to find you the healthiest alternatives to your favorite comfort foods to make sure that you achieve best comfort in such foods.  Here are our suggestions:

  1. Mac and cheese. There’s no doubt that mac and cheese defines a comfort food so well. To continue having a plate of it without its great pack of calories, cut of those fatty ingredients on the sauce. You can use a low-fat milk, tub butter, and Parmesan cheese as an alternative. Another cheese alternative is a pureed cauliflower. Add garlic powder and spices. Also use whole wheat noodles to have twice as much fiber.

  2. Yogurt-based Chocolate Mousse. The common mousse desserts are full of fat and calories that taste super delicious but will likely leave you feeling awful with your food decision. To quench your cravings for mousses, you can have a chocolate mixed with Greek yogurt for a super-satisfying dessert with only 150 calories. It tastes like the real deal. Garnish with strawberries or banana slices for a sophisticated look and flavor.

  3. Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup. Transform your typical grilled cheese into a healthy lunch by using a smaller amount of cheese and packing in more of tomato, basil and red onion to enhance the flavor. Couple this yummy sandwich with warm tomato soup for some solemn comfort.

  4. Oven “Fried” Chicken. Frying your food is a guaranteed way of sipping in some fair amount of grease but mind you, it’s not the only way to crisp your chicken. You can do it in an oven by just using traces amount of oil. Mix sliced almonds and whole wheat bread crumbs in your breading and add garlic powder, paprika, salt, pepper and red pepper to boost the flavor.

  5. Pot Roast. This mouth-watering Sunday dinner staple is unexpectedly low in fat and calories. A chuck of this roast has fewer calories and fat than a chicken thigh. The cut needs to be simmered for several hours to achieve great tenderness. Surround your roast with lots of vegetables, and you’ll have a well-balanced and not terribly fattening meal.

  6. Cauliflower Crust Pizza. The grease in pizza might cut off your cravings into a slice but this cauliflower crust pizza is healthy enough to eat whenever you drool for a pizza. Once you’ve baked the crust, the toppings are up to your imagination. Try fresh tomatoes, basil and buffalo mozzarella for a traditional taste or go for grilled chicken breast, reduced-fat cheddar and a drizzle of barbeque sauce for something more fun.

  7. Minestrone. A bowl of soup is very soothing especially in cold times and the thought about calories and fats interrupting it is unacceptable. With this, a bowl of minestrone would be the perfect call. It is filled with beans and vegetables and has a tomato base that keeps it light. Packed with protein and fiber, bean soup is an excellent selection. If you want it creamy, puree caramelized onions can be an alternative for cream.

And that’s the best mouth-watering alternatives for your common comfort foods. Always remember that eating healthy equals living healthy. These foods will surely give you comfort not just for your short-term need but for your long-term health.


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