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GMO Global Alert

by Gab Billones


Pay close attention to what you’re about to see as these images will be seen all over the world.

These rats were fed with transgenic corn in their entire life cycle. The tumors they suffer from are enormous. The study that revealed the  effects of these GMOs to the health of these rats has just been completed.


It benefited from financial, technical means.

GMOs: The Moment of Truth

We were able to witness the study in its entirety. It lasted for two years, following years of doubts and controversies.

Will we finally know the truth about GMOs? Will we then be faced with health crisis and global proportions?

Watch the video below:

Paris December 16th 2011

CRIIGEN Offices, Committee for Research and Independent Information for Genetic Engineering

Presentation of the results collected by Professor Seralini during his study focused on determining the potential harmfulness of the GMO corn Nk603 for humans and animals.

This is the longest conducted on GMO all around the world.  This is also the longest study was conducted for the most widely-used pesticide in the world, the Roundup, which is a herbicide. It belongs to the main pesticide category. We spend every year trying to buying transgenic corn because no GMO manufacturers are willing to provide them. This is because Monsanto requires contracts to be signed stipulating that the seeds must not be used for testing, and that an arrangement was made prior to the testing. They want all studies to be independent.

In an interview with Joel Spiroux de Vendomois, a doctor of environmental health and the President of the CRIIGEN, he stressed that this is the first time that a 2-year study has been conducted on GMOs. And there lies a difference. Furthermore, they tried to evaluate a maximum of chemical and biological parameters, with repeated blood tests, weighing of the specimens and urine tests.

He added, “We studied their hepatic and urine parameters, as well as the blood parameters. Technically all the parameters that can be studied. We also studied the hormonal parameters which has never been done in previous studies. This experiment is a world premier.”

Up until now, Nk603, had only been tested over 3-month period in a test environment not entirely controlled by Monsanto, its manufacturer. Furthermore, concerning the Roundup, also manufactured by Monsanto, the one being used in growing  corn, only one agent glysulfate has been assessed. But one must fully understand that in order for the manufacturers,  to fully activate the penetration successfully , the have to use additives that are sometimes more harmful than the actual glysulfate.

According to Gillis Eric Seralini, a molecular biologist of University of Caen in France, there are two clear objectives in conducting the study.

  •  to conduct the study exactly under the international standard requirements, but making sure that thorough analysis is achieved

  • to determine if there are secondary effects, which we can do if we conduct blood test to animals using all the blood parameters and paying close attention to their organs

At this stage, it might prove useful to know what GMOs are really being used for. It is a plant that is developed either to produce a toned insecticide or to be toned to a herbicide, thus enabling it to be massively exposed to chemicals without dying. One could fully understand how useful GMOs could be to farmers. For example, they will be able to spray their entire field with Roundup, killing all the weed in the process and never harming the genetically-modified plant.

On the other hand, it is a harm to see the benefits  for the consumers who will effectively be ingesting substances coming from a plant that has absorbed pesticides. That is why its crucial to test not only the GMO but also the GMO with its residue and the pesticide on its own.

“This kind of testing has never been done before because corporations doing the test would do them with GMOs with the Roundup which meant that we had no idea what between the GMO and the Roundup calls for the pathologists, or probably that they did this with GMOs without specifying that this is the case. “

So what we decided to do is to deal with the effects of GMOs or the pesticide. During the last 10 years of testing, the National Commissions did not consider the pesticide effect. Therefore, Europe does not even demand that chronic toxicity tests is systemically carried out on animals. And when they are required, it is the manufacturers who will decide the protocol to be used.

For example, the Amflora Potato has only been tested with 30 rats, 10 of which being fed with GMO. The Monsanto corn was tested on 400 rats; 80 of them were fed with the transgenic plant but only 40 of them would then be subjected to blood tests. Either way, none of these studies lasted longer than 90 days.


In this study, rats, both from male and female species, are being fed with GMO , GMO with Roundup, Roundup alone. Every time we go up level, a rat dies. The limit is 10 due to the number of rats that constitute a group. The dotted lines represent the females in the group who died but have a completely normal diet. Only 2 animals died after  controlled diet in the span of 550 days.

On the other hand, every female that has been fed with the GMO, GMO with the Roundup or Roundup diet, has died frequently more than the other rats.  Some will challenge the relevance of such results but what’s undeniable is that the group being exposed to GMOs, there are 6 times more death compared to the controlled group. As far as molecular biology is concerned, there is no need for further testing.

An important factor is that all the testing on the rats has been done over the 3-month period. It just so happens that none of the effects are visible until the 4th month. This is fundamental in saying that studies conducted over the 3-month period are useless. This conclusion is completely understandable.

Every rat, after the 200 that were tested, was properly dissected to check what happened to their organs. The purpose of this is to further identify the way each diet (GMO, GMO with Roundup and Roundup alone) acted on the metabolism of each of the animals, focusing on the development of tumors, that at to no surprise, only started showing up by the 4th month.

According to the results of the study, the rats fed with GMO contracted tumors. Very few males have contracted the tumors because of their strong resistance to the testing process.  The rats got tumors in the size range of 17 mm to 70 mm. For a rat, these measurements are colossal. it could equal to the gist size of the human being.


After having studied these tumors, it can be inferred that 94% of them take effect in the mammary glands which could equate to brain cancer to a woman. Some males also suffer from mammary tumors. This points to a hormonal effect that isn’t affected by the dosage. 60 % of breast cancer cases are caused by hormonal deficiencies.

The last surprise of Prof. Seralini’s study is a major one. Up until now, one could have thought that the pesticide added to the corn is the main reason o the death of the rats. But what was later found out was that the tran-genesis itself could have killed the rat. What this means is that just by interfering with the genome of the plant to modify it, we are faced with repercussions that no one could have anticipated. This is enough to make us reconsider all the scientific precepts that led to the creation of the GMO.

“Roundup had never been tested separately. Once conducting cellulose studies, we saw that the cells of the liver, embryo, placenta and the umbilical cord died much faster.  so we can deduce that there is a toxic effect to the organism. What can be said is that there’s an increased number of deaths due to GMOs and Roundups. The biggest surprise came when we realized that GMOs without the Roundup residue were responsible for the increase in the deaths for some males and a number of females. This can be the result of the GMO gene that has been badly assimilated by the plant which has resulted negatively inducing an effect that soon resulted to a secondary effect. What that means furthermore is that we’re completely dealing with GMOs in particular. The modification of a cereal or a GMO corn, with regard to the genes inserted in the corn to make it GMO corn, can result into different effects. It is not that since particular GMOs have an effect that some GMOs might also have an effect. It can even have more of an impact. 

This is the same GMO that is being eaten by Americans or are being approved for importations by European agencies and that obviously contaminates our food.

Nowadays, only 2 types GMOs are being produced in a few European countries – one is corn and the other one is potato. But what about the 27, 000 million tons of transgenic soya that are unloaded each year in European ports? This soya is used to feed our cattle but it also makes its way into a number of food stuffs.

What we want to achieve with this study is a moratorium. The situation is very serious. We imported without knowing what was being imported. The US has produced crops without actually knowing what they are producing. There needs to be more studies of this kind and GMO manufacturers need to conduct them before commercializing their products.

A moratorium on growing GMOs  has been approved by most European countries. Now that we know the results of the study conducted by Prof. Seralini, couldn’t it be time to extend the moratorium to all the GMOs used in many of our foods?

To establish an undeniable scientific truth, one needs teams, time and means. Some will say that it takes too much time and that it’s too expensive. But if we’ve taken these precautions, couldn’t have we avoided recent sanitary scandals? Will GMO be once again responsible for another calamity scenario. And while we are waiting for scientific certainties, evidently, this is a risk that we cannot afford to take.


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