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How to Save Money on a Healthy Diet

by Gab Billones


Nowadays, the prices of food are really much costlier compared to the prices way back a decade ago. The landscape of nutrition has constantly evolved along the times. People have perceived different mindsets about nutritional diets and have established norms. One of which is the idea that healthy living is always expensive, that a choice to engage into a healthy lifestyle is exclusive for financially stable individuals.

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Whilst there is an extent of truth in this claim, this isn’t true all the time. Some unhealthy diets are the most expensive things to buy in the grocery stores because of their artificial add-ons. But people always think that natural processes are expensive. If you go to a fastfood chain, you would notice that sodas are a lot cheaper compared to pineapple juice.

In a book authored by Frederick Patenaude called “How to Eat Well for Under $100 a Month on a Plant-Based Diet”, he was able to outline his personal experience on how he survived a month eating decent healthy food without incurring too much of a financial compromise.

So in here, we will give you some tips on how to save money on a healthy diet. You don’t have to compromise your heath just because you have a tight budget. You have to understand that a wise decision entails research and open mind. Using that as foundation, you can make a right choice.

Deciding Whether You’ll Buy in Bulk or Through Specific Numbers

There are a lot of benefits that you can get when you buy in bulk in Whole Foods Market. When you buy these fruits and vegetables in bulk, you can actually get discounts. A lot of organic food markets provide these through coupons and discount cards. So aside from the fact that you’re committing yourself to a month-long healthy consumption of greens, you’re also saving a portion of money which you can use for other things.

If you are used at buying grains and beans from shopping malls, you can actually find their distributor in the labels or packaging. Most of the time, these distributors also have shops that offer individual selling. They can be your targets in making these purchases.

But you have to understand that buying in bulk is also attached to a sizable need. It wouldn’t make any sense buying a box of carrots if you have only prepared 2 recipes that use carrots in a month. And remember that we’re talking about organic foods here or those that will rot in a specific period of time.

So what you have to do is to decide whether you’d wish to buy in bulk or based on a price list.

Set a price limit or Follow a Price List

There are many healthy options that you can obviously tap on upon choosing to engage into a healthy lifestyle. One of which is to set a price limit. First of all, you have to identify the kind of foods that you’d likely invest in. You can do this by preparing some recipes and allocating a price list and detailed budget for this. Considering the budget that you have prepared, there obviously is a ceiling to how much you are willing to spend for such healthy options.

After which, find out the places where you can avail these to-be-purchased items in your list.  Ask some friends who are engaging into healthy lifestyles on where to find the cheapest supermarkets that offer healthy organic food. By doing so, you have greater chances of following the price list that you have prepared. Remember that your budget detail must be based on a maximum expense for a certain item. For example, you can put in the list that you shouldn’t be spending more than 2 dollars for a small box of beans.

Diversify your Recipes

Diversifying recipes is an effective way so that you can save further under a healthy lifestyle. A lot of people think that healthy diet, while interesting at first, can be repetitive and sometimes borderlines boredom. But this is a myth that you shouldn’t believe.

You have to understand that just like any other kinds of diet, a healthy diet is an ongoing project by all food enthusiasts all over the world.  What that means is that there’s already an existing market for such globally and the number of people who wanted to share these ideas are also growing. You can even download e-books online for such affordable recipes.

To further this equation, you have to think about how you can apply what you’ve learned from others through these e-books or simply website articles. Diversifying your food recipes would make your meals a lot more interesting. You’re creating a unique food every single day for an entire month run. But the twist there is the excitement to find the cheapest ingredients in making the food.

Learn from Others

No man is an island”. There is an exclusive value to connect with other people who share the same passion with you. You don’t even have to go outside your home to look for these communities. A lot of health enthusiasts are utilizing online content to complement their healthy lifestyles. Take advantage of social media forums, community pages on health, and many other websites to learn further on how to further save money on a healthy diet.

I’m sure that you will find other people who wouldn’t want to spend so much just for food. Learn from them and take their advice. Chances are, you can get all these suggestions and tips for free. This is how powerful the online community is.

After all, we have a common goal – to make healthy lifestyle more accessible. It should be made as an option for everyone regardless of social classes and backgrounds. Everyone deserves a chance to boost their health and live a healthier lifestyle.


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