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How to Prevent Pancreatic Cancer

by Gab Billones


In a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute last 2005, dietary intake and risk towards pancreatic cancer could hardly be drawn. This is probably due to the fact that the results are inconsistent, much more with its graphical comparison with the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.


We have to concede, pancreatic cancer rounds up to 30,000 persons diagnosis every year. And on top of that, a later-found development spikes a survival rate of 5% after 5 years from the first diagnosis.  According to statistics, it is the 5th leading cause of deaths among all forms of cancer. Since cancer cells have this tendency to metastasize and destroy other healthy cells through the lymph systems and blood, it’s very important that the growth must be isolated before the spreading happens.

While aging surmounts greater risk towards pancreatic cancer due to increased DNA mutations, it’s important to acknowledge that it isn’t the only factor. There are many other diseases that can couple to an increased risk for such a kind of disease. The scarring of the liver (cirrhosis), gingivitis or periodontal disease, diabetes mellitus, pancreatic inflammation and others in a list contribute to that likelihood.

Thus, it’s important for people to look at a balanced health as a parameter to not being able to worsen certain diseases that could lead to severe terminal illnesses such as cancer. Pancreatic cancer, also called the “silent disease”, bears little to no symptoms until its advanced stages, making it a lot harder to identify and treat.

In recognition to American Cancer Society’s efforts, there are no established guidelines nor recommendations on how to prevent pancreatic cancer. But there are definite steps that we can advise to lower the risk of attaining such based on the precursor diseases which lead to such cancer.

Quit Smoking  

Quitting smoking can be a very difficult thing for people who have made smoking a lifestyle. But smoking is one of the most preventable causes of a number of diseases in the body. Indeed, about 20-30% of pancreatic cancer patients have identified smoking as the main cause of their  reception of such disease.

Decrease Red Meat Intake 

According to a new study published in Forbes, the heme part of iron, which are the particles that carry oxygen, are told to have cancer-causing properties that can attack any tissue in the body. In an argument by William J Evans, he stressed how the saturated fatty acids in red meat couple to an increased risk in diabetes. And as far as we can remember, diabetes is also counted as a pre-determinant to pancreatic cancer.

In order to prevent this further, you can replace red meat with nuts and fish because aside from the different fat composition, it also has good Omega-3 fats that can reduce such risk.

Consume Foods Rich in Vitamin D and B

Vitamin B12, B6 and Folate are identified to reduce the likelihood of pancreatic cancer. When consumed in foods and not in tablet and pill forms, it can really lessen the risk of pancreatic cancer by optimizing your healthy potentials. Eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables. These are not just rich in vitamins but they’re also rich in fiber, making sure that you’re able to strike a balance for a healthier life. It is advisable to eat 2 1/2 cups of vegetables and fruits everyday.

Follow Exercise Routines

Exercise aids your body’s metabolism and the processes internally. Studies have proven throughout generations that exercise allows the body liquids to move freely, your hormones to respond actively, and your nerves and muscle cells to function. It serves as an activator of things. Aside from the overall balance that exercise provides in whatever form it could be, it also gives you a balanced state of mind. It allows you to feel more connected to your health. When you’re able to establish that feeling,  you’re likely to develop routines that contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Generally, it makes you more conscious about your state of health. And this is very important in preventing any kind of disease such as pancreatic cancer.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Obesity can lead to many diseases. Specifically, some of which are pancreatic cancer cases. If you need to lose weight, we advise that you take it slowly. You can lose 0.5 to 1 pound every week until such time that you’re already in the right fit or Body Mass Index (BMI). According to studies by ACS, people with BMI beyond 30 have increased risk of pancreatic cancer by 72 % compared to those who have less. A BMI at the scale of 23 is in the healthy platform of reduced risk to such form of cancer.

Maintaining a healthy weight is not just a pledge towards pancreatic cancer. It can be your commitment to be free from a life burdened with uncertain health conditions.

Of all these pieces of advice, make sure that you’re not underestimating the value of a high-quality diet. They say it’s always about what we eat. It can sometimes be the best point of entry for some infections. But it’s also the best way for medication.


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