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The Worst Processed Foods for your Health

by Gab Billones


There’s a part of us that fully recognizes the harms attached to processed foods that we easily and enjoyably swallow in an instant. But most of the time, we dismiss them and never go deeper in knowing what it really is. Yet for some who are health-conscious enough on how these silent killers make their way into our system, we’re here to outline certain facts of health dangers that we just can’t easily pass.

First of all, processed foods are very popular nowadays. Every nuke of the city had its advertisements, commercials and other promotions  enticing us to go for processed foods all the way. Well, aside from the fact that they look delicious, they are very convenient to prepare and they are super affordable for the masses. Combining them all, you can readily find yourself tempted to buy and take them as immediate options. It’s really no surprise why people trade health concerns over these foods. But we want you to take a look again so that you will be discouraged in choosing them over other healthy alternatives. 

Let’s start with what these foods really contain.

Processed foods are well-known contributors of the common health problems nowadays, may it be mild or severe. It contains excessive amount of sugar, salt, preservatives and fats that all make it more enticing. Just by saying it contains all of these in excess amounts is already a proof of how deteriorating it is to our health. That’s why obesity, heart diseases, cancers and kidney problems are very rampant nowadays.

But we all know that eating these foods are unavoidable. Every now and then, we consume it because they’ve been a part of our fast lifestyle. So instead, we have gathered a list of the worst  processed foods so that you will avoid eating it, or at least eat them in moderation.

Chicken Nuggets


It’s one of our favorite pulls in afternoon siestas or beach picnics. This easy to prepare and yummy finger food contains excessive amounts of salt. Meats, or chicken meat for that matter, can easily spoil. So in order to extend its expiration, most of the manufacturers incorporate high amounts of preservatives with it. Preservatives such as salt and fat aren’t good at all for our health. But these things are being integrated into our meals. Now if you really want to chew on this finger food, try not to choose the ones that have been noticeably staying at the freezer section for a long time, and also in restaurants.

Powdered Ice Tea Mixes & Beverages


Well, it’s very easy to prepare your favorite chilled tea when in powdered form or one  just simply have to sip directly from a bottle. While choosing it for being relatively cheap is a very good reason, this option is never the better choice compared to those in tea bags. Most of these ready-made mixes have high amounts of artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup and other sugars. Avoid it if you don’t want a taste of diabetes.

Mass Produced Cookies, Crackers & Muffins


It’s not really hard to imagine that we suit ourselves with a few of these treats to ease our hunger. But these types of foods isn’t really good for your health. Most of these are loaded with high amounts of salts, sugars and trans fats. These trans fats make them cheaper than the other types. So as an advice, always check the labels.

Fast-Food Hamburger


Well it’s no doubt that fast-food hamburgers contain a fair amount of preservatives, fats and sugar. Far from the knowledge of everyone, Burger King has recently disclosed that almost all of burger producers in the world use horsemeat as their secret ingredient. Horsemeat itself contains high doses of saturated fatty acids which makes it nearly not ideal for human consumption.

In a new study conducted, it was proven to have increased the diabetes factor. The study showed that women eating in fastfood chains twice or thrice weekly are likely to have diabetes diagnosis than those who don’t.

Soda & Sweet Carbonated Beverages

Bloomberg Moves To Ban Sugary Drinks In NYC Restaurants And Movie Theaters

Sodas are good refreshments in face level. But the reality is, it doesn’t really quench our thirst at all. It also contains empty calories and has no nutritional value. Moreover, it contains high amounts of fructose corn syrup – a much more dangerous relative of common sugar. It also causes a spike in blood glucose level leading to the damage of liver cells. Soda also contribute to obesity and encourages bacterial diseases and cancer in your body by providing an acidic medium.



Aside from it being  the cheaper alternative to butter, many of us would really find it much tastier and easy to find. But this greasy treat is full of trans fats, free radicals, preservatives, emulsifiers and hexane.  There’s no doubt why it made its debut in our list.

Processed Meats


These meats are indeed irresistible. Well, other than the fact that they are processed to be more encouraging, they are also processed to last long in the market. Because of this, most of these processed meats contains loads of MSG, salt, artificial flavors, cheap unhealthy filler and other preservatives. And since most of these are mechanically processed, it’s then pretty obvious that they are denatured. And their nutritional value is inherently zeroed.

And that’s the wrap. Other than the obvious reality that processed foods are dangerous, we can also say that just because something is cheaper doesn’t always mean it’s better. Choose to live healthily by living healthy. 


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