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How to Stop Childhood Obesity

by Gab Billones


One of the jobs of parents towards their children is to make sure that not only are they getting a proper education but also that they’re getting a proper nutrition. With that being said, they must also make sure that different things around their children must not distract their appetite towards eating. But just as other parents struggling to maintain the appetite of their children, others also struggle the very opposite of it.


As observed, the other case is much harder than maintaining their appetite. If a parent talks to their child about cutting off some amount of the meal they eat, they would surely question why. Well, who could blame them? It’s just very contradictory to what the advertisements and other kids are doing. Telling them to stop eating these enticing well-advertised foods sounds like treating them as not children anymore. As a result, most of their parents simply cave in to their demands.

As a result,  a lot of problems then arises. As soon as the excess fat become so visible to the point that it already makes them look round, the threat of becoming a bully victim is pretty obvious. Being bullied is one if the worst times you’ll ever have in your childhood days and almost every obese child will confess about how deteriorating it is to be in such a position. But the real concern about this does not only rely on the social aspect. What’s more horrid than this is its health effects upon them.

Obesity in children entails a lot of health problems. Most of them show early signs of sickness that are only being confined to adults such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. As mentioned earlier, this particular problem also lead to poor self-esteem and depression. In result, childhood obesity has become a serious medical condition.

In order to help you find the best strategy in preventing such kind of medical condition, we have gathered a few tips on how you can prevent this to happen. Read along and see how these simple and effective pieces of advice will help you and your children.

  1. As early as possible, serve healthy foods. If they can already eat those healthy foods, don’t hesitate to serve it during meal time. Keep on doing this until they become familiar with the taste so they can enjoy it. By doing so, you’re acquainting their taste to the healthy diet. Also, pack these healthy foods along with their lunch rather than just giving them money to buy whatever they want in the canteen. At the very least, you’re ensuring a way for you to monitor whether your child is receiving the proper nutrition he deserves to get to optimize his development.

  2. Cut back those fried foods. Children will always request for these foods but don’t be paranoid enough not to serve them on your meals. Instead, serve it in moderation. Read different kinds of journals to know how much of these greasy treats will suffice your child’s nutritional diet. For example, serving French Fries isn’t really good because it contains a lot of MSGs that is ultimately harmful to the kidney and liver.

  3. Schedule well-child visits. Take your child with you to a doctor for well-child checkups at least once a year. These visits would mostly involve  measuring your child’s height and weight to calculate their BMI and many otheer things. With this,you can keep track of their condition.

  4. Encourage some physical activity and cut back screen time. Most children nowadays are so much into the cyberworld. With such, it is unavoidable that their screen time seems much longer than their physical activity time.Given that, encourage them to go out with you, or play with their friends. Also, try as much as possible to redirect their attention on these activities that involve physical movements.

  5. Emphasize the positive. Always encourage them to have a healthy lifestyle by mentioning the good effects of it. This might involve telling them how fun is it to play outside with your friends or how enticing fruits are and their benefits to their over-all state of well-being.

  6. Set a good example. If you yourself isn’t even doing a healthy lifestyle, what makes you think that your child won’t do the same? Obesity, mostly is evident within family members, so you better maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat the foods you serve on your table. If you need to lose weight, make up your mind already and start shedding it. That way, you’re inspiring a goal for them and if you’re effective, they’re likely to follow your steps. It’s in home where we can inspire small beginnings of change.

  7. Be patient. A child is a child. They will mostly fed up your patience. Be patient with your child and be a responsible parent. Always guide them to the things that are right. Don’t let them eat what they want. Let them eat what they need.

And that complete the list of must-dos to prevent childhood obesity. Always remember that you are a parent and you’re solely responsible to your child. Most of the time, under controllable circumstances, your child’s health is a reflection of your parenting ways.


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