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Essential Health Tests for Staying Well

by Gab Billones


Our body is one of the most intricately designed masterpieces bound in Earth. Every single cell that constitutes the different tissues up to organs are crafted superfluously to perform its task at optimum performance. This is the reason why above all living organisms in Earth, we stand far higher in almost all aspects. But despite the fact that it functions effectively, our body is very much vulnerable to the different kinds of diseases which are not readily noticeable and can disrupt its functionality along the run. The sad part of this is that we, owners of our own bodies, tend to not care about it. Well probably not until something had already got awfully wrong that fixing it seems to be hard or barely possible.

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Yes, we are talking about the health concerns of the body.

Our health must be one of the things that we must look at with prime importance. Now, we’re not saying that you’ll go all-paranoid when it comes to your health. But at the very least, you must be conscious enough so that you won’t regret it in the years where you start aging and your immune system seems to lose its strength.

The most effective way to monitor your health status is to have  regular health tests. These tests would help you assess yourself so that you can prevent having any of those dreadful diseases. But sometimes, we end up considering having a health checkup most especially when we don’t practically feel the need to do a certain test because these tests indeed involve money. But in this respect, these tests will truly show your over-all condition. With regards to this, we have gathered a list of those essential health tests that are very suitable for you.

  1. Blood pressure test. This is one of the essentials in keeping track of your health. As we all know, heart disease in one of the leading causes of deaths nowadays whether among men or women. So if you’re already aging up, this test is of utmost importance. Visit your physician on the scheduled tests to anticipate any complications and so that you can prevent its further aggravation. Blood pressure test earmarks the delineation of your risk propensity to disease.

  2. Blood test/Urine Test. When you have a problem with your liver, kidney or any other major organ, you have to take basic tests for further experimentation. Blood test show that blood is a part of the entire system of the body and if there’s anything that has gone wrong, it can be seen in the blood.  For example if you want to be tested whether you are Hepatitis – A positive, the blood test can help in showing that. Urine tests are also effective. It assesses mainly your liquid waste and its concentration and composition. This can show how healthy you are with your kidney and other organs.
  3. Cholesterol build up. The test is very much associated with the first test so if you’re having a blood pressure test, then better check your cholesterol build up too. Chances are these two tests will provide an information whether you’ll be prone to any heart disease. This test usually involves blood tests for total cholesterol levels composed of HDL – good cholesterol, LDL – bad cholesterol, and blood fats called triglycerides.

  4. Colonoscopy. This test will check the possibility for any signs of colorectal cancer. Since most of us really aren’t that conscious on our dietary instake, cases of having this disease is not to be disregarded. Usually, the early stages of coloreactal cancer don’t show any sign or trace of symptoms . Having this test would really help in determining if you have it.

  5. Blood sugar level. Testing your blood glucose level is a way to determine if you have signs of pre-diabetes or diabetes. This tests are usually done after you haven’t eaten for at least 8 hours.

  6. Prostate cancer test for male. Men are required to have a screening for signs of prostate cancer especially to those aging ones. These screening are usually done through digital rectal exam or through prostate-specific antigen test so that you better discuss it thoroughly with your doctor.

  7. Breast and cervical cancer tests for women. Both of these diseases are the very dilemmas of every woman. For looking in any early signs of breast cancer, mammograms are used varying by age. Pap tests are also conducted to women for cervical cancer and is usually done annually after 3 years of becoming sexually active.

  8. Hair analysis test. In this test, the hair is used to check the minerals in your body since this will be evident in your hair. Hair is the second most metabolically active tissue representing what is in the blood, your perspiration, environment, genetic, hormones and enzymes. With this, the test may detect the presence of any toxic heavy metals in your body like lead, copper, mercury, cadmium, and aluminum. These metals may lead to adverse symptoms so having this test would be of great help.

And these are the tests that we recommend. There are other more tests that you could take that could explain your health conditions. Always remember that you have to take care of your health since it is our greatest investment. Having a poor health can really hold us into breaking new opportunities so always be watchful of it.


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