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The Health Implications of Weekly Egg Consumption

by Gab Billones


With almost everything getting more expensive nowadays, the only asset that we have that’s worth endowing is our health. Having a good health is one of the greatest investments that you could ever reward for yourself.  But despite how easy we can say it out of our mouth, keeping it that way had become hard. And with the rise of  new developmental trends, we have continually clouded the fine line between what’s healthy and not.


Being young entitles us to wings that we carelessly use to fly and try different things. But one thing that we keep on abusing is our health. Well, we actually tend to not care most especially when the repercussions are yet to come. But as we started to grow old and weary, the ever building complications will reach us and we start seeing ourselves sitting in a corner, thinking why we spoiled ourselves up to that point in time. Realizing it’s our own doing, all that’s left is for us is to face the consequences. And for that, maintaining a good health has become one of major greatest dilemmas.

But since you’re reading this, let me tell you that there’s still hope, a reasonable hope. And that’s by changing your lifestyle as early as now. Sure we’ll give you the bits of getting used to constantly acquainting with your health.But for now, we’re going to talk about something very specific –  egg consumption.

All the fats and the cholesterol in a certain egg are contained in the yolk region. The egg white contains protein. Because of that, it has been suggested that there should be modification in the consumption of egg-based foods, making sure that yolks are cut off and more egg whites are being valued. This is the case with veggie-based omelets.

Along the course of its lifetime, egg has been tied up to a lot of cardio-vascular diseases because of its high cholesterol content. A single egg could already contain about 210 mg of cholesterol. Despite informational disclaimers and warnings, the consumers barely acknowledge how high the concentration is. Well, who could blame us from eating a few when it’s the most accessible? It’s tasty. It can be easily integrated into many kinds of recipes with different additions.  It’s easy to prepare. And most importantly, it’s cheap.

But I’m not saying that egg is all bad stuff and there’s no good in it. In fact, egg is a very rich source of iron, protein, phosphorus, zinc, folate and vitamin A. But then again, it contains cholesterol which averages to about 213 mg per egg. So eating 5 eggs a day would entitle you to around 1000 mg of cholesterol more or less. See? Egg is good to certain extent. Its white portion is a good source of protein. It’s yolk is made of fats. But as the saying goes, “Too much of anything is already bad”.

So to help you, we have listed a few recommendations on how many pieces should you eat.

In general, the recommended egg intake is about 4 pieces a week at maximum. Yup, 4 pieces a week, not 4 or 5 a day. See the difference? It’s really not hard to think why a lot of people regard it as one of the greatest contributors to heart disease given the concentrated region of saturated fatty acids in the egg yolk . Although that’s the recommended maximum number of pieces, your intake may be modified depending on the condition and age you are in.

In terms of cholesterol intake, physicians suggest that healthy adults must limit their cholesterol intake to 500 mg a day, so 1 egg a day is almost enough. For children with no complications, the same amount is also true. But for those who have diabetes, heart disease or high LDL blood cholesterol level, cholesterol intake is resolutely not recommended. But for some apparent reasons, this will never be true, there can be exceptions. The maximum intake for those with complications are about 200 mg a day. So basically, if you eat one whole egg, try not to take another kind of food which has a considerable amount of cholesterol.

Maintaining a good health is one of the greatest investment we could ever give to ourselves. So as early as now, start a healthy lifestyle and avoid the bad stuff from getting into your system.


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