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What you need to Know about Yogurts

by Gab Billones


It’s really no wonder why yogurt products have taken over the dairy aisle on your favorite grocery store. Yogurt,  as of today, is generally perceived as the healthiest dairy product – big thanks to the efforts of commercials showing its health implications and the recommendations of health experts. Although the heavy promotion has indeed dramatically increased the number of persons who consume it, the main reason of its consumption’s sudden spike is due to its proven and tested health benefits.

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Yogurt is a dairy product made by fermenting milk using a variety of good bacteria such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Enterococcus faecium, Streptococcus thermophiles and a lot more. These good bacteria coined as “Probiotics” which are naturally present in the digestive system helps in keeping it healthy and removing the harmful organisms in the colon and be expelled as waste.

Keeping your digestive system sound and healthy isn’t the only benefit present in your daily intake of yogurt. It also protects you against osteoporosis, maintains your muscle’s leanness, and improves your immune system. Wrap that all into one single pack then you’ll be assured to have your ounce of health measure a day. But just like other health-based products, there are always the negative side.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the health implications of yogurt along with the side effects. Well, we’re not trying to scare you. In fact, yogurt is a very healthy food. We’re just going to lay down some side effects that you might experience and some reminders that will help you be aware of on the recommended amounts of dosage.

  • Yogurt for your digestive system.

This is one of the major health benefits that you can get from yogurt. Since it is packed with live good bacteria naturally present in your digestive system, you’ll expect to help it to become much healthier. It will encourage the expulsion of harmful toxins in your digestive tract in order to fully cleanse it. It also plays an important role in your efforts to lose some belly flat.

It helps in the expulsion of harmful substances in your tummy. With that being said, the natural effects of dairy products such as feeling bloaty, gassy and slightly nauseous are all natural. But these effects will subside in a matter of time. Others who are sensitive in milk products might experience diarrhea since the natural defense of our body is to flush out such bacteria. And if you’re sensitive to milk, then it’s likely to happen on your case. But this is not an all-time high case. In fact you,  diarrhea is an isolated body reaction for specific individuals who have dairy products reflex.

  • Yogurt as a source of calcium.

As a milk product, yogurt is packed with calcium. And as a result, people such as those who are lactose intolerant take this as their source of calcium since the culturing process makes it more digestible than milk. Also, bacterial enzymes created during the culturing process partially digest the milk protein casein, thus making it easier to absorb. It also makes it a much more effective calcium source.

But according to studies, too much calcium can increase your risks of kidney stones, prostate cancer and calcium build-up in blood vessels. It can also impair the absorption of iron and zinc. As a precaution, don’t take more than what is recommended.

  • Yogurt for your immune system.

Since it participates largely in expelling the harmful substances in your body, yogurt can indeed boost your immune system. This is very true in the cases of children who are experiencing the condition called lactose intolerance. Since children are prone to viral and allergic gastrointestinal disorders that disrupt the lactase production, temporary lactose malabsorption problems often hit them. Yogurt, on the other hand, contains less lactose and more lactase and thus can aid in the healing of one’s intestines whilst getting the same nutrient they can get from milk.  This is not only limited to children but is also applicable to some adults alike.

Now, the downside of yogurt is that other organisms can thrive aside from good bacteria. A perfect example of which are molds.  With that being said, yogurt itself is not a threat.  But the way it is handled and processed is a different thing. As a result, these opportunistic pathogens can affect those which have a weaker immune system. An example of this is the case reported by the FDA about 89 people having ill stomachs after eating Chobani Greek Yogurt. The said stomach illness was being linked to the 35 varieties being pulled after having been reported of mold contamination. As a precaution, choose carefully the brand.

Keep your dosage intact and choose carefully the brand of yogurt you’re purchasing.


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