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Coping Up With Chronic Kidney Disease

by Gab Billones


Sometimes, we pay no attention to what could be happening inside our bodies. We keep on stuffing junk foods in it not considering how much can these hefty amounts of salt damage our kidneys. And by the time that our fears get realized, all we can do is regret the days when we became stubborn for our health.

Being diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease is comparable to having a cancer, diabetes and the like. In fact, diabetes itself can also cause a chronic kidney disease. In this case, the kidneys are damaged and since it’s one of the most important organs in our body that regulates our health, over-all health also gets affected as well. Our kidneys are mainly responsible for the filtering of the waste in the blood. When the organ malfunctions,  these wastes tend to accumulate in our bodies which cause graver health issues in the end.


From the term chronic itself, this disease occurs slowly over many years and is getting worse. As such, those who are diagnosed with it commonly have high blood pressure, diabetes, bone disease and malnutrition since these kinds of diseases rely on our kidney’s ability to filter waste. The worst part of having a chronic disease is that cure is very unlikely. The only option you have is to slow down the disease and keep living healthy as long as possible. With that being said, we have listed a few pointers, reminders and must-dos in your lifestyle if you’re already experiencing this problem..

But before we give you the list, let us just remind you that having a chronic kidney disease does not mark an end in and of itself. Others who are having this condition still live a normal life. All it takes to do is an all-new lifestyle and diet. Follow this list so that you can cope up with  chronic kidney disease.

  • Control your blood pressure as targeted by your physician. Don’t let yourself get easily drawn to things that may encourage your blood pressure to spike up and deviate from what your doctor recommends. Be responsible enough for this because other people around you might not take you lightly.

  • Control your blood glucose level if you have diabetes. A controlled blood glucose level will not only help in delaying or preventing your diabetes but also your kidney disease. Maintain your blood sugar sugar level to the advisable.

  • Control your blood cholesterol level. The cholesterol we’re talking about is the bad one because there are also good fats like Omega-3 that the body needs. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by being cautious enough of your dietary intake.

  • Take your medication seriously. For most cases of chronic kidney disease, the symptoms show up at the later stages, which prompts a patient to not follow recommended medications. Medications should be taken seriously in order for the disease to be addressed properly.  Be responsible enough and always take your proper medication.

  • Quit smoking, if you smoke. If you haven’t smoked yet, don’t ever think of doing it to ease your mood. Cigarette smoking can worsen the damage in your kidney. If you smoke, then convince yourself to quit as soon as possible. Look for help. Quitting smoking is a difficult thing to do most especially if you already think that it’s already integral into your system. But think about the long-term effects and consider where smoking leads you to.

  • Be active. One of the great things about physical activities is that it always help in whatever condition you are in. It reinvigorates your body metabolism and it awakens all your body cells to be involved with the bodily processes.Be active at all times and keep your body fit.

  • If you’re overweight, lose that fat. Being overweight will certainly worsen your condition since it will encourage your kidney to work harder in burning such fats. Obesity is a major concern because it serves as a pre-cursor to many diseases that often lead to death. So do your kidney a favor and help it lose that flab of yours.

  • Be serious when it comes to your diet. Lastly, this concern is indeed the most essential of them all. Maintaining a healthy diet for your kidney can totally summarize the precautions above. Avoid salt as much as possible by buying fresh and raw healthy organic foods  more often. Better cook it yourself and moderate the ingredients that may contain salt. Also, watch out your protein intake. Keep it at a minimum. Choose heart-healthy foods also. Also, keep your potassium and phosphorus intake at a controlled level.

Now, if you follow that list, you’ll surely prolong the health of your kidney. You might even get your kidney back to its normal state if it works too fine for you. As an advice, always check the labels of the food that you buy and drink plenty of water.


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