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The Best Healthy Alternatives to Coffee for Staying Awake and Alert

by Gab Billones


We all know that feeling when we push ourselves to follow the snooze in our alarms, crawl out to bed and then suddenly get back to life as soon as we take a sip from our coffee-filled cup. Coffee is a very potent drink to help us stay awake and alert. For some, it is the only substance that helps them get through their day with all the need to be productive for the rest of the hours. With that being said, it’s really no wonder why a lot of us developed a habit out of it. It’s addictive.

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In most cases, this habit could start in our college years when the late night studying, long classes, and tons of homework kicks in. We needed something to get passed all of these, and coffee can indeed supply you with such strength, thinking that you’ll just hibernate on weekends.  Well, at least that’s what we’re made to think and that’s our mindset towards coffee. But the thing is, something in coffee works this tricks and that’s definitely the caffeine.

Caffeine can quickly boost your energy to get things done, even if it isn’t in coffee form. But although it’s fairly famous for such things, it’s also coupled with some dangerous side effects. Caffeine is considered to be the number one addiction in the world. Think of how many are addicted to coffee? That alone would keep it in the number one spot. The thing is, most of us don’t even think that it’s really as dangerous compared to those illegal substances. Whatever the form addiction is, knowing that we became an addict about it makes it dangerous.

Caffeine has been linked to a number of diseases. One of them is diabetes. Caffeine has something to do with our blood sugar metabolism. As a result, certain studies have conducted and they have found out that it decreases our body’s insulin activity. It makes it difficult for the cell to respond appropriately to your blood sugar causing high levels of it to accumulate in your blood, leading to diabetes and other arterial deterioration and cardiovascular diseases. It is also known to increase the catecholamines in our body or the stress hormones. Moreover, it’s been claimed to disrupt the liver’s detoxification process and interrupts the body’s natural fueling activity.

With all those things, coffee must be taken moderately, if not stopped. But for some reasons, our pre-conceived need for its benefits lures us to thinking that it’s a must, driving us to embrace it rather than quitting it. In other words, we haven’t been introduced to other alternatives that could well-substitute coffee. In here, we have gathered the best healthy alternatives for coffee that could enable us to stay awake and alert for the entire day.

  • Ginkgo Biloba Brew and Green Tea

This herbal extract has been used for centuries in Chinese medicines to treat various ailments. Not only does it treat you but it also works as a great substitute for caffeine. It can increase the blood flow to the brain and the extremities causing us to stay alert and awake. It also known to improve our focus and memory when taken in a regular basis. With this effect, it will surely be as capable as caffeine minus the dangerous effects. You can have your own brew mixture from it or you can take it in capsule. Our suggestion is for you to brew it to make it as a substitute to your coffee. Green Tea as well can do so much in keeping you awake. It can create a perfect blend if you infuse it with jasmine. Containing antioxidants, it can boost your immune system and help fighting off cardio-vascular disease.

  • Apple

Apple is a very good source of fructose, which is a natural sugar that can keep you awake. It does the job of slowly reaching the ends of your body, making you awake and alert. Plus, apples contain carbohydrates as well that can keep you going and moving. Other than it being rich to fiber which the body essentially needs, apple is one of the best healthy alternatives to coffee in terms of its purpose.

  • Teeccino and Cafix 

Both are some of of the best alternatives to coffee. These are nutritional herbal coffees mixed to taste just like the real one without the harmful effects of caffeine. Each one is a mixture of grains, figs, chicory, and beetroot that brings the same alertness that you’ve always wanted from coffee. Although it isn’t really as strong as coffee, many people have suggested it as one of the best alternative to get rid of your coffee addiction, other than the fact that it contains a lot of health benefits.

  • Water 

About 3/4 of the human body is made up of water. Essentially, water is the most important liquid for humans. Drinking water has a good effect in keeping us alert and awake. It awakens our cells and it hydrates us from time to time. This is the reason why scientists would recommend that we take water first thing in the morning to keep us awake for the day ahead. Another benefit of water is that it can easily be blended with fruits and other natural flavors. You can make water infusions with berries, lemon, apple and many others.

  • Beverage with Ginseng extract

Ginseng is by far one of the best-known substance that boosts our stamina. It is derived from the ginseng root and has been used in Chinese medicines for over centuries already. It is commonly known to treat depression, stress and serious illnesses such as type II diabetes. It also a common treatment for sexual dysfunction and thus the reason why you can always see this as an ingredient to boost sexual performance. As of today, it is found in almost a lot of energy drinks replacing caffeine. Although it has not yet been proven as a potent stimulant based on anecdotal evidence, Ginseng has exhibited a great deal in keeping individuals have a great stamina and make them alert and awake. Coffee substitutes with ginseng are very popular nowadays and it won’t really be hard to find in an organic store near you.

  • Vitamin B12 – containing beverage

Vitamin B12 is one of the B vitamins that plays a key role in our brain function, nervous function and blood formation. With that being said, it is indeed essential for the proper functioning of our body that enhances our mental clarity and energy, making it as one of the great substitutes of caffeine. Many energy drinks also have Vitamin B12 as part of their main ingredients proving that it can really boost your alertness. Although the most effective way to consume it is under the tongue, you can also opt to mix it with your other favorite beverage or buy one with vitamin B12 in it.

And these are the best alternatives to coffee. Remember that you can’t simply eliminate a bad habit but you can replace it.Replace you coffee with those listed above and be more concerned about your health. They bring the same ‘alertness’ effect that you once thought you can only acquire with coffee.


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