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How Often Should You Detox Your Body

by Gab Billones


Our body is one of the greatest machines in this world. It is capable of doing miraculous things that we ourselves even wonder how they happen. But just like any other machine, despite how efficient it works, it never really is secured from the threats that causes it to malfunction.

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The threat that our body is always fighting up against are diseases. Most of these diseases that we encounter are caused by some foreign materials, which are resolutely alienated from our bodily functions, entering our bodies. As a result, these materials become toxic to our body and therefore may cause harm to it rendering it inefficient.

In line with that, the need to detoxify our bodies from these harmful toxins is a must for us to stay healthy at all times. These toxins keep in contact with our bodies for as long as they could and even accumulate in our system. They try to threaten our weaknesses until they could see an opportunity to finally reach within us. As a result, we suffer from its presence and make us sick. But how do we really encounter such toxins?

When I say we encounter them most of time, it means that toxins are always present no matter what you do. They are also present whether within our body or around us. They are present when we inhale the air around us, when we swallow our food and water, when absorbed by our skin and a lot more exposures that our naked eyes and our busy perception fail to detect. So as a way to flush out these toxins, we really need to detoxify.

Another concern that will always be incorporated with knowing the importance of detoxification is on how often must we do it. Most of the time, our bodies have their own reflexes that expel these harmful toxins. Sometimes, they’re too strong that we need to help our systems in doing so. For most cases, we tend to find the right amount of detoxification for ourselves since we all have different lifestyles. But no matter what lifestyle we choose to live, the most recommended times in detoxifying our body is via a periodic approach. This means that we set a date to do this for a specific number of days that we think is suitable for us. And this can be done regularly.

If you are one of those ‘eat-anything-I-want’ types of people, you better control your diet along with your detox. Detoxification can aid in your weight loss and may even provide better results rather than sticking to your workout plan. For most of us, detoxifying our body is recommended to be done at all times. It’s an everyday habit that should be incepted as a lifestyle.

There are programs that require you to detoxify for about 4-7 days for 4 times a year. This programs involves you to be taking a supplement or something that will aid in the detoxification process. Some even involves juicing which is one of the effective means to detox. If you plan on doing these programs, then better follow their recommended times to do it.

The next part you must be concerned with after knowing the proper number of times that you must detoxify is on how to detox our body. Other detox programs could include expensive types of foods. But for most of the time, those simple ones are also the most effective means. For you to know these affordable ‘do-it-your-own‘ detox, we have listed a few of them.

  • Give your digestive system a break.

This might be the cheapest and the most sensible way to detoxify. Resting your digestive system from all those crappy foods you are eating will indeed lead to a satisfactory detoxification. To do this, you must not eat hard-to digest foods such as grains, fats, proteins and the like. Instead increase your fruits and vegetables consumption. The first few days will really be a bit challenging. But fasting can really provide more returns for you and your health.

  • Drink lots of water. 

Water is the number one driver of detoxification. Most of us don’t really recognize the benefits of drinking the proper amount of water a day, which is 8 glasses a day. For the information of everybody, drinking this amount of water aids in replacing all of the water in our body that is being used up to maintain the metabolism and other body processes. This also means that toxins will indeed be washed up properly since more water is introduced to your system.

  • Have your dose of antioxidants.

There are inexpensive supplements that offer effective antioxidants such as vitamin C available in many store. So better have your dose of it to prevent any sickness. In choosing these products, always read the labels so that you can reap the vitamins and minerals that you needed. There are supplements as well that are specific for certain organ’s detox such as Silymarin capsule for liver detox, and many others.

  • Juice vegetables and fruits

Juicing can somehow give your digestive system a break from the long process of breaking down bonds from foods. When you juice vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber, it can easily be absorbed by the body because of its liquid form. There are different kinds of juicing recipes our there for body detox. Some of which can range up to 90 days but there are also detox that lasts only for 5 days or even just a day. For example, drinking a lemon infusion every morning already gives you a heads up in detoxing your liver and kidney. Take juicing vegetables and fruits as an option in detoxing your body., If possible, make this a daily habit.

  • Exercise daily.

This is also one of the most important means to detoxify. Stretching your body a bit in a day and sweating it off is indeed a good way to get rid of those toxins. It will aid in the proper circulation of your blood, burns fat and releases some toxins and salts  in your pores.

And these are the practical and easy ways to detoxify your body. Notice that these involve little amounts of money to shed compared to the cost of a hospital bill.  These ways are highly attainable by everyone. All it needs is your determination and concern towards your health.


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