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How to Avoid Products with GMO

by Gab Billones


Every single thing is in this world is a product of nature. Each has its own specific function that keeps everything in balance and in order. Even those things that we once thought are not useful have been later known to be very effective in other aspects. The thought of altering such balance will definitely alter everything that is connected to it. Such concept can be very much related to GMOs.

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GMO stands as a collective acronym for Genetically Modified Organism which has been altered in order to satisfy our scientific exploration bounded with the goal of improving our means of living. Most of these organisms have undergone some genetic manipulation, mutation and modification of the controls in order to come up with the desired trait.

For example, a lot of us wanted to have bigger potatoes which is much easier to peel and to stock. So science made some alterations in these potatoes that made them big enough to look like the ones in your French fries with the same great taste. But it’s not just that. The recent technologies of corns and other crops have been designed to be free from infestations of pests and insects. The promise of an alleviated burden due to wasted produce is the operational parameter of the existence of GMO. But then, these are products of scientific alteration of natural processes. Do their ends justify the means through which they’re being made? Will they not have counter-productive results?

As claimed, there are no short term harms exhibited in consuming such products. But how about the long-term effects? The harsh reality is, most of these products are treated with pesticides to control the pest around it. And do you think such pesticides won’t have any effect on our health? There are countless studies that point GMOs for development of tumors, deterioration of body organs, growth of cancer cells and many more.

With these unforeseen dangers that GMOs possess, we are determined to stay away from such products as much as possible. Here, we have listed quite a few useful means to know how we can evaluate the different products in our favorite grocery stores if they possess some GMO inclusions.

  • Be familiar with the popular subjects for GMOs.

Knowing these products will save you the worry of crossing out most of the crops that you buy. These crops are soybeans, corn, grapeseed/canola, sugar beets, cotton, dairy products from factory cows, some zucchini and some papayas. When buying such product, be sure to look for seals of being organic. Otherwise, don’t double-think about keeping it away from your grocery cart.

  • Shop properly.

Always check the labels for products that might contain GMOs. Choose the ones which are labeled as 100% organic, not 35% or 30%. One thing you’ll notice with the organic products is that most of them are a little bit expensive. We all know the favorite target market of these companies who include GMOs in their production. Also, check the sugar content before buying it. If the label only says “sugar”, then there’s a higher possibility that it contains sugar from GM sugar beets. Choose the ones with labels such as pure cane sugar. Stay away from artificial add-ons.

  • Look for that organic mark.

Always look for that mark of approval for most organic products to verify the authenticity. Most of these seals are unique and do not change in appearance whatever the product is. The trusted seals are those of QAI, Oregon Tilth and CCOF.

  • Search the net for reliable GM-free products.

Looking for such products are indeed hard if we just hop from store to store. Instead, use the advantage of internet and look for the store nearest you that sells the organic products that you are looking for.There are sprouting organic health shops and Farmer’s Market out there that bring raw and unprocessed foods in the pile. Find them.

  • Try shopping at your local markets.

Most of these GM products are manufactured by large companies and mostly end up in plastic containers to be displayed in the popular grocery stores. By shopping in your trusted local farmers’ markets, you’ll be pretty assured of the quality and may find a cheaper one. Just be careful in knowing if the farmer producing the crop has used some pesticides and GM seeds.

  • Prepare your own meal.

This will save you the trouble of eating meals in different restaurants and fastfoods corner which pose the dangers of GMOs. With cooking it yourself, you’ll be assured that the food you prepare contains the ingredients that are 100% organic. It’s even better to have your own pantry of organic products or a garden where you can grow healthy foods. Having these green and healthy places adjacent or around your home will motivate you to utilize what you can prepare with the least expenses.

And these are the simple and effective means to avoid GMOs. Eat the ones which are 100% organic and for sure, your health will be secured.


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