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How to Prevent Chickenpox

by Gab Billones


Being infected with a chickenpox is probably one of the worst days you’ll ever experience in your life. Not only are the fluid-filled bumps very itchy and annoying, this disease also carries other illnesses such as flu, loss of appetite and headaches. And the aftermath of which are a handful of ugly scars all over your body.

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Chickenpox is one of those viral infections that affect people who have a weak or compromised immune system. This infection leads to the development of itchy reddish bumps in almost all parts of your body along with a mild fever. Usually, the infection lasts for about 2-3 weeks and then you’re left to take care of the crusty scabs which could also last for a week until flaking can be observed.

Since chickenpox is a kind of a viral infection, anyone who comes in contact with a person suffering from the disease is likely to get infected as well, granting that he wasn’t infected with chickenpox before. Most of those who are affected with the virus easily are children since their immune system are susceptible to this foreign organism. Adults who are affected with the virus are those who are in times of weak immune system response or those who have compromised immune systems such as those with HIV, STD, and the like.

The good thing about chickenpox is that you could only get infected with it once in your lifetime. After such experience, your immune system will develop their own antigens against the said virus. Also, you’ll be somewhat lucky enough to have it during your childhood days since the scars will have longer time to heal rather than when you’re an adult. But in any case, being infected is indeed troublesome. With that reality, the need to prevent its occurrence or at least to suppress it is a must.

As of today, vaccination against the dreadful virus is commonly injected in kids. These vaccines have shown results of preventing or suppressing the effects of chickenpox. But since vaccines aren’t as recognized by everyone to be effective, the need to choose other means of preventing such dreary infection must be known and that’s what we are about to share to you.

Any viral infection occurs on individuals with a weak immune system. As a result, strengthening the immune system is one sure way in order to prevent having it. To effectively strengthen the immune system, here are the following tips.

  • Good diet

The role of the nutrients we get in food is very important when it comes to strengthening our immune system. It’s basically one of the natural and effective means to add more protection for us without the cost of other food supplements. This diet must include fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, fishes with omega-3 fatty acids and a well-balanced amount of carbohydrates. Also when cooking your vegetables, try as much as possible to not overcook it since it will somehow denature the food. Steaming it lightly or eating it raw is much more recommended to properly absorb the nutrients.

  • Nutritional Supplements

Sometimes, as we grow more years, our body’s ability to properly absorb the nutrients from our food also gets weaker. Also, children lack some needed vitamins to strengthen their immune system. That’s why we also need the help of some food supplements. The reality is, our bodies cannot get all the minerals and vitamins that we need from the food that we intake daily. This is perfectly the reason why we need supplements to aid our bodies. These food supplements are specifically designed for the population it intends to serve. For children, there are a lot of vitamin C supplements that comes in lots of forms which could also contain other helpful vitamins such as vitamin A, Zinc and Iron. For adults, food supplements are very much readily available in your favorite drugstore or even grocery stores. Just make sure that you choose the ones with a trusted label.

  • Reduce Stress

A stressful day can compromised your immune system. So better avoid being stressed out at all times. Get enough good sleep that runs from 8-10 hours. Don’t skip meals. Also, have an active lifestyle to release some of that stress. It is also recommended to have a good time, laugh, have a strong support system, have a positive relationship, and other stress-free means that can boost your IgA levels – a protein from the immune system that helps fight infections.

And these are the means for you to have a healthy immune system without the need for a vaccination. Of course, if you are really worried for such infection, then you are free to get vaccinated from reliable institutions. But even after the vaccination, follow these steps also since chickenpox isn’t the only threat to your body.


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